Astellia players clash over the perks of new post-launch founder packs


The community of Astellia Online is barely a few days into the game’s official launch, and it already looks to be stirring itself up into a froth. The issue is with the game’s newly released launch packages, which Barunson recently changed from the original buy-to-play packages to some slightly cheaper versions, a move that caused some players to raise hell, believing that the cheaper packs had more value than the founder’s packs.

According to the thread on the official forums, the new packs should be considered a huge upgrade over those offered to early adopters, mostly owing to several items like a Ring of Exploration, additional storage space, and a 30-day buff to XP, Astel, and other character earnings. Bear in mind these are things in the $80 launch pack and were not in the $100 founder’s pack.

Other players argue that exclusives unique to the founder’s packs like sub time, mounts, and (of course) head start access have been removed to balance out the new packs for post-launch players. And some gamers have pointed out that the Ring of Exploration was never meant to be an exclusive item. Yet according to the thread starter, they would have to spend about $50 to “break even.” It ultimately reads like the idea of intrinsic value is being debated, with a few different arguments to gauge.

Barunson reps have noted that the devs are keeping an eye on the thread’s discussion regarding the matter and ask that the discussion remain “civil and constructive.”

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Jo Watt

I’ll just wait for the f2p version. That will be the best value pack imo.

David Blair

I bought the 30 dollar package yesterday and have had fun with the couple hours I got to spend in the game. Out of all of the “extras” the only one that jumped out at me was the Ring of Exploration which is a permanent item that auto loots for you so you don’t have to press “F” “F” after each kill that has drops.

I’m pretty sure I saw extra storage space and buffs in the in-game currency shop…

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Loyal Patron

I hope that Astellia will work something out with the people that bought Founders packs. I know that Twitch viewership numbers are not all that, but numbers I’ve been seeing (in the hundreds typically) are comparable to Blade and Soul, which is not a good sign. I’ve been wary of founders packages and such pre-orders since EverQuest Next.

John Kiser

I’d say that twitch viewership numbers are something to not go by particularly for an MMORPG. They are not played by the big streamers so you are unlikely to get a lot of viewership. Plus it’s not a “big” game in that world at all. A lot of people do not know a damn thing about it. Blade & Soul actually has a fairly sizeable player base as far as daily and who is on at any given time. It’s not as large as say the big guys, but it’s still fairly healthy when you log in and see this or that.

MMORPGs are by and large part still a niche genre and as such they tend to well not have huge populations. A few managed bigger populations due to popularity of their IP, but…. yeah