RuneScape patches in big improvements to its bank interface

We have a bank!

The sheer length of RuneScape’s operation means that veteran players no doubt have banks absolutely clogged with stuff, which makes the newest patch’s bank updates all the more desirable. And boy, does it ever include things to make life easier, like the automatic creation of placeholders for items even if your stock falls to 0 to preserve your overall bank layout, as well as presets automatically withdrawing weaker vials if you don’t have any of the designated strength available.

Other updates include a more robust filter system, the ability to see your entire bank in one scroll rather than segmented via loading times, and a much more responsive search field. There’s also drag-and-drop functionality for bank windows and presets, just as another tip of the hat to UI improvements. You’ll need to read through the full list to get the full scope of bank changes in place with this patch because it’s a lot of bank stuff.


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