Astellia Online just got its first downtime and patch since launch

I understand why, but also why?

It’s patch day for the newly launched Astellia Online! “On Tuesday October 1st, we’ll be bringing the servers down for our first scheduled maintenance, to apply fixes for a few bugs that managed to sneak their way into launch,” Barunson posted. “In addition to this, we’ll also be making some adjustments to the highly regarded Star Tale system, based on the insights you have shared with us. Before we get into what’s in the patch, we’d like to take a moment to note that regularly scheduled maintenance and patches, will be conducted on Tuesdays at Midnight PDT | 09:00 CEST.” That’s Tuesday mornings at 3 a.m. EDT, if you’re wondering, which means the servers are already back up.

So what was in today’s haul? Cutscene sound fixes, tweaks to French and German localization, the Show Names bug, deletable leftover quest items, and the Clear Rutlas Den update bug. Plus “the level restriction preventing players that were 10+ levels above the monster, from acquiring the loot drops necessary to complete steps of the Star’s Tale have been removed.”

Astellia formally launched Saturday night as a B2P MMORPG, though you can optionally use the $10 sub option to check it out right now.


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I dipped my toes in … not regretting my purchase but it won’t be a game I’ll devote a lot of time into. Most of the systems are pretty solid, but the awful localization (inconsistent NPC names, machine translations of text, horribly unsynced voice overs, awful skill descriptions) just turns me off.

…. but what I miss the most is the thrill of exploring, going off the beaten path and finding a cool place. The explorable zones are so small and so full of invisible walls forcing you back onto the Golden Road Forward …. it feels like a smaller, much more restrictive version of Blade and Soul’s world …. and it’s not nearly as exhilarating moving around in it.

I’ll probably keep playing it off and on inbetween on the side if I want some perspective or a change of pace; but it’ll probably never get to the “MMO hours” I like to put into games …I just can’t immerse :(


Played it a bit since the launch and it’s a surprisingly solid Tab-Target title. The endgame content seems to be lacking, but I’m not rushing forward to get there either.