Dark and Light is launching revamped Chaos PvP servers to bolster populations


Back in October 2017, the folks at Dark and Light had elected to liven up the PvP scene with Chaos servers, which feature faster XP gain, faster war declarations, and stronger monsters among other adjustments. Fast-forward to September of this year, when the devs took a closer look at the state of those Chaos PvP servers and found things lacking, especially in terms of activity, so they proposed a number of changes. Now, we know when when those adjustments are coming online.

These servers, which will now be known as Chaos Battle servers, will feature another increase in XP gain, along with increases harvest rate, taming rate, resource spawning speed, and dino damage. Players will also have three hours to prepare themselves after a war declaration and six hours’ worth of war time. These servers will release in batches, with three batches coming online on Tuesday, October 8th, and another two batches going live after every two weeks.

These new servers will effectively wipe any character items players have on the original Chaos servers, so affected players can reach out to a GM for in-game compensation before October 8th. The game’s 2x Harvest will also be extended until October 8th as a result of these new servers.

source: Steam (1, 2)

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Jeremy Barnes

maybe make it not buggy as hell instead?


Easier to ask for the Sun not rise.