Guild Wars 2’s build and equipment templates are coming on October 29

Don't forget to save!


Earlier this year when ArenaNet was doing damage control following the layoffs, one of the most exciting pieces of news about the future of Guild Wars 2 was confirmation that build and equipment templates would finally be coming to the game. That time is almost here, as the studio confirmed an October 29th release date for this patch.

To prepare players for this, ArenaNet posted a dev blog about how this new system will work. “A character’s combat customization is split into two parts,” the studio said. “The first is your choice of utility skills, specializations, and major trait choices. The second is your choice of equipment, along with any attribute choices and upgrades. The system we developed reflects this, giving you access to two separate types of templates: build templates and equipment templates.”

It should be noted that PvP won’t be getting build or equipment templates when this is rolled out, as ArenaNet is still working on that.

The separation of these two template types will allow players to tinker with more flexibility than if they were fused together. One cool thing players will be able to do is to save and share their templates with others, even “to your enemies to boast of your superior build.” I guess I should be preparing myself for a lot of emails in the near future, then.

Source: Guild Wars 2. Thanks Mordyjuice!

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Bruno Brito

Seven years.

Eh, i was betting on nine.

Dragon Whimsy

FINALLY. I’ve waited 7 years for this. It helps nearly every aspect of the game. It means I’ll be more willing to try different builds which rejuvenates the game play in every mode for me, it also aids in fashion wars as before this I only ever really had one look for a character. Now I’ll have multiple looks which means there’s a lot more rewards in the game I’ll be interested in getting. And wanting more of the rewards means I’ll be interested in more content than I was before.

This is huge.

This even helps me as a RP’er because fashion wars is such an important aspect of that.

Templates is almost as big a deal for me as the introduction of Mounts with Path of Fire.

You nailed 2 out of 3 of my top requested features this year ANet. Dragon mounts and build/equipment templates. Now we just need full player housing to complete my version of the “holy trinity”. Or at least a major Scribe rework.

Kickstarter Donor

A bit bummed at the limited number of free slots (3 for builds, 2 for gear sets) and the rest are MTX only, but between gear builds taking items out of your inventory and the ability to link builds directly I’m kinda alright with it. Guess I’ll be buying at least one additional gear set for my guardian so I can rock my support/dps/hybrid sets.

This is much sooner than I expected, though!

Bhagpuss Bhagpuss

Since I almost never change my builds from the moment I set them when a character hits 80, color me completely uninterested.

Matthäus Wey

I’m happy for the people who waited for this since forever but personally I don’t care either.


Very cool, I might have to give GW2 another go. Now if only SWTOR would do the same…