Astellia Online offers hefty compensation package to preorder players


Following the official launch of Astellia Online this weekend, Barunson sparked a small wildfire among preorder players for the way it had gone about retooling the founder packages into post-launch buyables. While it stood to reason that those packages would need a rework as they obviously couldn’t keep on selling headstart access once the game had already launched, players nevertheless maintained that the new packs were a slap in the face to early adopters as they were a bit too good.

In any case, Barunson has now arranged some compensation for preorder players, although it’s not entirely clear whether this is meant to make up for login problems during the early period or to assuage concerns over preorder package imbalances.

“Headstart has been filled with all sorts of excitement, from watching Astellians first set foot in the servers to begin their grand adventure,” the studio writes. “To witnessing many hilarious moments shared by our fantastic content creators. However, it has not been without at least a few incidents that have, understandably, caused some frustration for folks during Headstart.” Players are being granted 200 Zender (Loyalty), a +100 Warehouse Expansion, and a 30-day Niar’s Passing; Redditors estimate the value around $18, though of course it won’t get early adopters the new exclusive cosmetics from the new packs that they’re after.

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This is really the first blunder Astellia has made. I’m kind of surprised because they have been awesome with the community since Day 1. I hope they give early adopters the same cosmetic rewards.

Diego Lindenmeyer

even the shady business looks like Bless Online … damn


The compensation is for issues during launch, not the disparity between Deluxe Packages. The post clearly states that and Aethon confirmed in Discord chat #astellia channel:
“AethonYesterday at 9:11 PM
all pre-order
Launcher bugs, game bugs, etc… we’ve been squashin em but we know they were frustrating none the less”

Everyone who played in Headstart gets compensation, regardless of pre-order Package level.