Check out this video on the history of Final Fantasy XI’s development

That's not a doll, guy.

Believe it or not, there was a time when the idea of having a Final Fantasy game as an MMO seemed like a radical departure for the series. It was even controversial! Of course, it turns out that Final Fantasy XI did all right for itself and kicked off some notable later developments, but part of the fun at looking back in a retrospective on the title’s history is remembering that this once seemed like a wild and unproven notion.

The retrospective, put together by Final Fantasy Union, covers the path wherein Hironobu Sakaguchi conceived of the game following his move to Hawaii and took the chance to work with Hiromichi Tanaka, a fellow veteran of the first three games in the series. Check out the full video just below, although bear in mind that its half-hour run time will mean that it’s not just a quick watch at work. It’s a full trip down memory lane, in other words.

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Aww, was really hoping this was official. Oh well, always happy to support FFXI content even if I’m familiar with the story already.