DC Universe Online kicks off the Witching Hour event for spooky celebration

Spookiness optional.

As soon as you think about skeletons, they stop being particularly scary as monsters; they’re just human beings without muscles or anything. A skeleton on fire is a bit scarier, of course, but to the heroes of DC Universe Online that’s not really a particular threat (unless it’s the main character of a comic book, at which point it might open the door for spooky copyright infringement lawsuits). But it’s seasonally appropriate, and thus players of this year’s Witching Hour event can aim to pick up the costume option of being a spooky burning skeleton.

Yes, players can once again engage in the time-honored event of dressing up their superheroes and supervillains in more kitschy Halloween tat than your average discount home goods store through October 31st. Players can either stop to see the Phantom Stranger (for heroes) or Tala (for villains) to start the event, or just use the in-game warp menu to pop right over and start on the ghoulish antics. There’s also a bit of queued content for those who want to take the fiendish cavorting to the next level. You’ve got a lot of things to grab, but a month to do it; get in there and start getting spooky.


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Jaymes Buckman

Martian Manhunter does have that thing about fire though.