Destiny 2’s servers got beaten up during the Shadowkeep and New Light launch


Those of us who have been through several online and MMO game launches know that these things almost never go smoothly, so perhaps word that Destiny 2 got beaten down during its launch of Shadowkeep isn’t exactly news. Even so, it’s perhaps at least nice to know that there are apparently a lot of people eager to start rumbling around on the Moon.

The Bungie Help Twitter account tells the tale as it details a number of issues that sprang up including Buffalo, Beaver, and Weasel errors (all of which are related to connection issues), issues with purchasing Silver on Steam, and players generally just being unable to sign in entirely. It all built up to the point where the game had to be taken down for some emergency maintenance (and spawned at least one zesty meme in my personal feed).

As of today, that maintenance is now complete though players may experience a queue. Third-party apps that access Destiny 2 details are still offline at the time of this writing, but players can still use the Destiny Companion app to transfer gear.

source: Twitter

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I created a f2p account via steam and logged in. It was a little flaky because the servers were getting hammered, but hell this is nothing compared to other games that have “re-launched” *side glance at ArchAge*.

F2p is definitely worth it from my early look. It looks like they are taking a page right out of the Warframe handbook. You have everything you need to have fun. Now, the question is, can F2P and raid? I bet I know the answer to that question. Heh.


Bungie devs should write a book “How to miss the chance to get into top10 Steam releases”. Turned off the servers with 200k people.

Although they’ll get in if the game will gain +30k online (need 247k).

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Dicked around just a bit last night, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do in terms of re-learning all the shit I’ve missed. Now to see if it hooks me enough to pick up the expansions.

Was pleasantly surprised at how well the game still runs, tool. My GPU is a bit worse than my old one I used to play with, and I remember needing to drop down to 1080p after a while (from 2K), but it’s handling 2K like a champ on mostly medium/high settings on a RX590 so I’m happy as a clam.


I hopped back in last night. Made a new character, played the new opening, and shot some stuff. I thought it was an interesting, but good, choice to start every character at max level with all their skill/talents/whatever unlocked and not make them play the story campaign. Power level still feels incredibly arbitrary since everything scales, so it doesn’t ever feel like you’re getting stronger or more capable besides your own skill at shooting. Luckily the FPS mechanics are still great and satisfying, and the shower of loot still provides that satisfying dopamine hit like PoE or Diablo. Not sure if I’ll spend the money on the newest content, but there’s a couple years of content to catch up on for free, so can’t complain.

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I tried to get into the new Destiny 2 content yesterday afternoon on my PS4, but it just wasn’t happening. Full servers; disconnects; wait queues for connecting.

I finally got into the game early this morning (Wednesday), and I like what I’m seeing so far, but even though the character Eris Morn’s story content was my favorite part of the original Destiny game, I won’t “stand in line” (so to speak) to play a game.

If the servers get silly again, I’ll just go play something else until the official rush dies down.

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I know what happened: eSking convinced everyone and their momma to jump into the game and it got overtaxed. 😂