Dot Big Bang is a voxel sandbox that lets you create your own objects and worlds for multiplayer shenanigans


I miss the ever-loving heck out of Landmark. Way more than I expected to, actually. Or, perhaps more specifically, I miss the potential that game represented: a sandbox that was about building experiences for others to wander in to and enjoy. That idea of creating spaces for others to play in (or simply wandering into things others have made) seems to be touched on by Dot Big Bang, a pre-alpha voxelbox that lets players put together objects, items, and entire gameplay worlds in a similar vein to Roblox.

Dot Big Bang right now consists of two primary tools: the Object Tool, which lets players put together their own objects like armor, buildings, or other objects for use in their own game world or others, and the Game World Editor, which basically sounds like what it is on the label. Game worlds appear to be able to run the gamut from obstacle courses to jetpack race courses and other intriguing possibilities.

Additional features in the works include adding behaviors to objects, allowing others to join you in multiplayer for editing game worlds, and inserting the ability to code behaviors using JavaScript. The game’s most recent dev blog also states that work on a multiplayer social area and multiplayer competitive game types are on the way.

I took a quick moment to dart around Dot Big Bang and was almost immediately charmed by it, though I also contend that the quality of the content is entirely based on how creative and inventive other users get. I also had a quick blip through the object creator and found it a bit challenging, but mostly because I’m not used to working in a 3-D space. With practice, I think it can become much easier to use. More intriguing to me, though, is the potential: If the things people are able to pull off in Roblox is any indication, this one could be something to keep in mind if you’re in the mood for some boxy, relaxed, upbeat fun.

You can get your own look by hopping in and playing in your browser now or taking a look at the video below.

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This does look like having potential… I hope it’s not just a minecraft version of Second Life, but more of a game than can be played.


@Chris If you miss a good building sandbox you probably could check into Wurm Online. It is very detailed and therefore things are slow to build but its probably one of the best on its kind and yet no many know its existence

Nick Smith

Ive got wurm online in my cheapshark sale list. Picking it up on next sale!