OrbusVR previews two new dungeons for October, teases housing and Tinkerers


The harvest festival of OrbusVR has come and gone to great success, so now it’s time for players to look ahead to new challenges. In the game’s most recent devblog, those new challenges were touched on in the form of two new dungeons, a level increase to Shard Dungeons, and some quick words about what’s next beyond that.

The two dungeons are both level 30 and will not be available in the dungeon finder, meaning you’ll have to actually travel to the entrances of these dungeons to get started. The first dungeon, the Abandoned Cave, should be found in the Wastelands in a cave known as Scav’s Den, while the second dungeon, Ancient Temple, can be entered at Bear’s Hollow inside Hulthine’s Basin after getting a key from the final boss of the Abandoned Cave dungeon. Naturally, there’s new gear to earn while pluming these new dungeon depths based on the “Spiro” set but fortified to withstand the higher levels of Essence Radiation in the region.

In addition to the new dungeons, the next update will also see a level increase for Shard Dungeons to level 15. Shards 1-10 will remain the same, but mutations for shards 11-15 will be adjusting upwards in challenge with incremental increases to mutation types and number. There will also be new mutations such as the Time Bomb mutation, which spawns a bomb on the back of a random party member that must be removed and thrown away before it explodes and wipes the group.

Beyond that, players can look forward to the new Tinkerer profession and a housing customization patch, both of which will be detailed soon. In the meantime, the new dungeons and Shard Dungeon updates are due to arrive on Tuesday, October 8th.


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has anyone tried this game yet? How is it for an mmorpg? I am assuming slower paced, tactcal combat over flashy graphics. How much content is there? Something an old EQ player could get into?


I’ve had a short go with it but struggled to get on with it. There’s a lot of non-VR style interfaces for starters (e.g. the inventory system is a basic grid, nothing VR about it at all) but the main problem for me was a distinct lack of cohesiveness both in the low level flow and in the art design.

The starter area feels like a mess – or at least it was where I started. There was a maze floating in the air behind me which was either inaccessible or I couldn’t work out how to access it. The first quest is a harvesting one which, right after choosing your class, seems an odd choice as surely most people want to try out their new weapons? But I couldn’t because the nearest mobs were tough enough to kill me every time (even with another player helping), and so it seemed the only choice was to follow the quest flow through a rather nondescript small brown door which leads directly into what seems to be a major town. No Stormwind or Limsa Lominsa-style city entrance here.

I wandered round that for a while but I found it very drab. It just seemed to be missing any sense of style or coherency, like someone had dropped a load of art assets down without any feeling as to how they would be seen in VR first-person view or how it would actually work as a town. After that I gave up – I felt no sense of adventure, no sense of fantastic places to explore (both things VR should do well at), and no sense of the world’s unique identity.

I suppose local area voice chat felt like a step forward (I don’t like it normally but in VR it felt right)… or at least it did until someone started swearing loudly. Nothing spoils the fantasy mood like the F-word, in my opinion.


I really appreciate the time you took to describe your experience.. thanks much.