Final Fantasy XI plans for Monk and Dragoon improvements in its October version update

Pictured? Not me.

Isn’t it nice when you get something good by association? The next major patch forĀ Final Fantasy XI is scheduled for October, and it’s bringing updates to both Dragoon and Monk. Dragoons are getting new traits and abilities, while Monks are getting a bit of trait love but also adjustments in hand-to-hand weaponskills. This is mostly targeting Monk, but it also means that Puppetmaster will reap the benefits as another user of hand-to-hand weaponry as a primary tool.

Of course, even if you’re not in the business of punching things (or spearing them), you can take advantage of the updated Ambuscade battle pitting you against fomor enemies (which is appropriate for Halloween, naturally), or the expanded list of items you can transfer between characters on the same account. There are also more items now stacking to 99, thus freeing up more inventory space with larger stacks. That’s just nice to have all around.

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