Final Fantasy XIV outlines the changes being made for Mentors in patch 5.1


You may have noticed that players with Mentor crowns in Final Fantasy XIV are… well, not necessarily the people you would want teaching new players how to behave. This is doubly true with the expansion out now, since there’s always the grace period with older requirements for that crown. But that’s going to change with the launch of patch 5.1, with players having to fulfill new requirements in order to retain certification as mentors.

Not only will players need to have cleared a thousand dungeons, trials, or raids and cleared the level 80 role quests for tanking, healing, and some form of DPS, there will now be a requirement of 1500 commendations (up from 300). Players will need to renew their mentor status after the patch launch, with those who fail to do so losing access to mentor roulette and the ability to change their status to mentor. So if you’re shy of the commendation threshold and want to keep having the little crown by your name… well, be more likable, really.

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agemyth 😩

It is probably good to raise the commendation requirement, but I really don’t like the effect it has on people who feel compelled to “farm” commendations for rewards like a mount. The moment someone types out “commend pls” in chat is the moment I would rather commend the randos who haven’t said a word but just did their part.

Gamifying good behavior online is a mess and I would probably prefer there be no sparklepony or goofy cosmetic reward for it.


As an EU player, I have yet to witness any kind of mentoring being done by mentors. I wonder if it’s different for the NA or JP communities.


I can’t speak for JP servers but infrequently on the NA servers. Most dungeons are silent, no one speaks even if someone asks about mechanics and I find that most people leave the dungeon before giving or receiving coms. I don’t know if it’s because it’s harder to communicate if you’re on PS4 but it’s frustrating sometimes.


Depends on the server (or server groups) I guess. Even playing on the PS4 with a Controller, I do try to talk and chat–hard as that definitely is. I’ve even had to talk a new group through an entire dungeon via controller before.

As for mentoring, I’m usually willing to do that regardless of the roulette, though I’ve been locked out of the Mentor Roulette specifically because I don’t do Extreme content the moment its released, or keep up on all of that. Makes me wish they had the roulette separated some like they’re already doing for PvP/PvE/Non-combat.


The only time i see mentors being active is in the New Players chat (i think that’s the name of the linkshell) which is only open to mentors and new/returning players. Other than that, there really isn’t almost any mentoring happening in-game or in dungeons.

Dankey Kang

I thought the mentor thing was just for in-town banter while you wait for the duty finder.