Neverwinter brings Uprising to consoles, Star Trek Online is bringing a Patrols menu to consoles


Perfect World’s two larger console MMOs are getting some updates of note for players on Xbox One and PS4. The Uprising content patch for Neverwinter is now live for console players, while the Awakening update of Star Trek Online is one the way to console players with a new menu for those who only have a couple of minutes to play.

Neverwinter: Uprising is pretty much what one would expect of the update from the PC version of the game. Expect a new playable Gith race, a fight against the illithids, the 10-player Tower of the Mad Mage trial, and a revamped Protector’s Enclave and early game, which one of our writers found to be a mixed bag when he checked it out on PC.

Over in the final frontier of Star Trek Online, a dev blog post is talking up a new Patrol menu for console players that will go live with the Awakening update. Simply go to the PvE Operations menu and select the Patrols option; no more need to fly around empty space looking for a Patrol to join. Patrols offer up skill points, dilithium ore, and your choice of Marks, along with extra skill points for defeating enemies, so they’re pretty rewarding as well as pretty quick.

sources: press release, official site

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