PlanetSide Arena’s next update will dynamically tweak safe zones and pain fields for low population matches


When your battle royale game is designed for 1,000+ player fights but nowhere near enough players show up, you’ve got to make some adjustments. That’s just what the next update for PlanetSide Arena is doing, adding features that adjust the game’s pain field and safe zones at points where a match population is particularly low along with a number of other improvements.

With this latest update, lower population matches will now see squads spawn closer to the initial safe zone and closer to one another. Additionally, the time between phases and the speed at which the pain field will collapse will vary according to match population; the lower the population, the shorter the time between phases and the faster the pain field will move. This, ideally, will lead to more fights more frequently.

The update will also make some improvements to underbarrel weapon attachments, making them available on all weapon rarities and granting them their own dedicated hotkey to engage instead of double-tapping the fire button. Players can also interrupt reloads to switch to their underbarrel if they so choose.

The update is also offering up a number of bug squashes and performance improvements, improved indicator sounds for various hit states to characters and vehicles, and additional anti-cheat measures. All of the specifics are in the patch notes.


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Gonna be honest, I didn’t think this game would flop this badly. I don’t know if they’re going to find a way to recover from this. It’s a shame because I actually enjoy the game.

Dankey Kang

It’s a shame but they really need to distance themselves from BR and focus on other modes. A session based Conquest, Team Death Match, Capture The Flag or even Control Point would allow players to witness all of the things that make Planetside 2 and forgelight great (scale, great gunplay, non stop action) without the bullshit of PS2 (too many snipers, zerging, class/vehicle balance etc..)

Dankey Kang

When you design a game for lots of players (big maps) and few show up, it creates a downward spiral situation where no one plays because no one plays. (since players are the content) Warhammer online was also guilty of this, I remember time and time again there was no-one in the massive RvR zones, so completing the objectives was both a nightmare and terribly boring with a group of only ten people.

If they’re to have any hope of saving this game they need to make sure that players can find and fight each other quickly when populations are low. Players should only have to search for a few minutes max to find other players otherwise it’s just too boring.