Population Zero’s second beta test asks over 5,000 players to stress the servers


Servers are machines. They don’t feel emotions. They can’t complain. What they do, however, is buckle and fail when they’re put to the test with a large load of connections linking up to it, and that’s precisely what Population Zero wants to happen as it kicked out over 5,000 invites to its next beta test.

Content purportedly is not changing much for this round of beta testing, though that isn’t really confirmed since the sci-fi survival MMO is under a strict NDA and there are no CBT patch notes available on the game’s website at the time of this writing.

Even with the mass invitation wave, Population Zero still looks to be open to getting more bodies involved, so those who are interested (and don’t mind following said NDA) are invited to sign in to see if their name is drawn from the hat. This round of beta testing will once more run over this coming weekend.

source: press release
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