The Division 2 previews Shepherd system improvements, Expedition Mastery, and new Invaded missions


Title Update 6 of The Division 2 is already in the works, and the latest State of the Game has provided fans of the multiplayer shooter a taste of what’s coming down the pike, including changes to the Shepherd system, a Mastery system for Expeditions, and some new Invaded missions.

The Shepherd system will now fill a Shepherd meter automatically as well as give endorsements out automatically for those who take the time to answer another player’s call for help. Additionally, the host player can also still give an endorsement manually if they so choose. Since this change will likely see an increase in ranking up, the requirements to reach a new rank are changing accordingly: The Shepherd rank will now require 15 endorsements instead of 10, and subsequent ranks require seven endorsements instead of five.

The Kenly College Expedition is coming back once again, and this time it will be bringing all three zones of the area along with a Mastery system. Kenly College’s three areas will come in Normal, Hard, and Challenging difficulties, each with a Mastery time limit for Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals. Naturally, each medal has different rewards, but players who want all of the shinies will want to go for Gold. Kenly College is still going to be on a rotation, going live for two weeks, then entering a cadence of one week live and two weeks down. This alert should be a nice change of pace for those who were surprised by the area’s unannounced limited-time setup before.

Finally, new Invaded Missions are… um… invading. Specifically, Manning National Zoo and White Oak are becoming Strongholds and so will enter the weekly Invaded rotation and will offer up a Heroic difficulty like other Invaded missions. Expect these changes to go live during the third week of Title Update 6’s launch.


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They should preview the mass exodus of players from TD2 to Breakpoint. Granted they’re probably late on it being a preview.

Kickstarter Donor

Are players?

I mean, I wouldn’t be terribly surprised because the games have a lot of overlap as Breakpoint is far more “Division” than “Ghost Recon”, and it’s confusing to me from a brand/business standpoint, but I’d argue that the F2P Destiny 2 launch would be a bigger threat than Breakpoint right now.


This. Destiny is what people are leaving en masse to play.

Chris Colby

Yea people are leaving for destiny 2 not Pay to win garbage.