Atlas has released its devkit on the Epic launcher

Set sale for design issues.

If you want to live the life of a pirate on the high seas, you can jump in and play Atlas. If you want to modify the world surrounding that pirate’s life, possibly leaving him in the middle of the desert clutching a ship’s wheel while letting out a plaintive and confused “yarr”, you’ll need the Atlas devkit. And fortunately for those with a vested interest in confusing pirates (or producing other modifications that aren’t solely about befuddling nautical brigands), the devkit is now nice and easy to download via the Epic game launcher.

Anyone who doesn’t already have the devkit installed but wishes to do so will just need to install the launcher and then select to install the mod interface. If you do already have it installed, the procedure becomes very slightly more complex as you’ll need to start installing it, cancel the operation, and then drag and drop your files from elsewhere. Either way, it should make modifying the game at least a bit easier. That poor landlocked hypothetical pirate.

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