Chronicles of Elyria closes domain and settlement selection and shows off a dungeon


The chance to plant your virtual flag in the not-fully-created virtual world of Elyria has ended. Chronicles of Elyria has wrapped up its sometimes wild and wooly domain and settlement selection period, which means that all of the virtual real estate in the game is now owned by player kings, queens, and other landowner titles.

The September community journal has offered its usual look back at updates made to the game, including mentions of domain settlement, a look at weather effects and the combat codex which lets you select your combat style, and a sneak peek at a pre-alpha test dungeon.

One intrepid YouTube channel by the name of Uncrowned Gaming has uploaded that dungeon footage to their channel and we’ve embedded it below. Again, bear in mind that the footage in question is very much pre-alpha: The dungeon is still in the greybox phase and is described as missing a majority of player-ready material.

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disgusting… you call that design? Not only are the graphics a copy/paste of the same 2 types of stones, it looks like a fucking high school 3d project with block rooms and block hallways.. please just go away.


The graphics look like play-dough or clay. Not appealing at all. It’s like they use some RNG or HTML colors to simulate textures. I can’t really put my impressions into words, but it looks so lazy and unappealing.

Even if they used some 25×25 resolution textures like Minecraft would’ve been more appealing and give people the impression that they’ve put some effort into this.

So far it looks like some joke with placeholder graphics and sweet-as-honey words by the developer when decoded it translate to “Give me all your money”.

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Totally not a scam.

Dro Gul

They should be embarrassed by that dungeon. Google Silver Mine Run Elyria and see what they were showing 2-3 years ago. If they had shown this 2-3 years ago at least it would have been understandable. This is just ridiculous.


It’s just the quick and dirty graphics that there using for development I wouldn’t worry to much about how it looks. Their are plenty of other things about the game that do concern me though.

P Jones

No it’s not just graphics. Look at what the 2-3 year old dungeon clip showed. It included a 3 dimensional dungeon with multiple levels and environments (water). It had bridges. It had jumping, leaping, climbing, parkour (which is lame but was in). It had the player swinging down a zipline, fighting NPCs, MUCH more than in the new clip. Even ignoring the horrible graphics, what they showed was a big regression as far as mechanics and functions. What they showed was embarrassing.


Something to note here. I looked up the video in question? I’d hardly call it an actual ‘dungeon’. It has rooms, and you get to see the rooms but little of anything else. It is very easy to ‘polish’ up an area if you skimp elsewhere and especially for a ‘guided’ video like what was seen? Easier still to fake it. See the Alien Colonial Marines shenanigans for proof of that. Or, sticking to MMOs, Age of Conan at release.

Because you know what everybody remembered about that game? The tutorial zone and how polished and amazing and etc.etc.etc., then once they got out of it, everything took a hard nose dive.

That “silver mines” dungeon? Same thing. It was done up like a street-corner courtesan. It wasn’t made to show off what they had, it was done to get people to jump on the bandwagon. It’s about five steps ahead of selling JPEGs of ships, but being five steps away from an open septic tank is still pretty much being in an open septic tank. It reeks of bull.

Let’s also not call barebone and basic environmental traversal ‘parkour’, alright? Tomb Raider 1 for the OG playstation had more environmental traversal options than what was shown. Parkour is ‘Free Running’, like what you’d see in Mirror’s Edge or Dying Light. Parkour isn’t “grab ledge, shift, move to next ledge, shift” like its God of War.

2Ton Gamer

I know you really want this game to worthwhile, but you cannot be happy or believe that they should not be further along than they are. These videos are not doing them any favors, except for somehow finding some of the most gullible people on the internet to continue giving them money. I am sorry for your loss, but anyone who continues to give them a cent, deserves what ever happens.

Dro Gul

They made like $1,000,000 in the last month. Sunken Cost fallacy I guess.