Fallout 76 replaces the Mystery Pick event with a sale due to bugs

That's a big oops.

The tasks of Fallout 76’s Project Clean Appalachia continue with players asked to wipe out the Scorched this week, but perhaps the project should have been aimed at debugging Appalachia instead. See, while players were meant to be able to turn in scrips to the Purveyor for a random Mystery Pick legendary item, it turned out that only certain random enhancements were getting loaded for melee items. Thus, the developers have opted to stop the Mystery Pick early so it can be fixed and instead simply offer a flat sale on the Purveyor’s goods.

Assuming this doesn’t sour you on playing (or didn’t arrive after you already spent your scrips on these mystery items), you can of course continue taking out Scorched for the game’s next community challenge. The game’s next major patch is due out later this month, but until then, just focus on cleaning up the mountains.


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Tree Adam Myers

Still a game worth playing on the regular. The biggest complaint is the price-fkd ATOM store that gouges players for things that were previously included in FO4 or DLC for pennies on the dollar.

Bruno Brito

What else is new.

Bryan Correll