World of Warcraft: Classic should be getting Phase 2 before the end of the year

Well, it's just a phase.

Now don’t panic, folks; if you haven’t gotten everything you wanted to do in Phase 1 of World of Warcraft: Classic accomplished just yet, you’ve got some time left. But not all the time, as director Ion Hazzikostas has stated that Blizzard plans to release Phase 2 before the end of the year. This will also coincide with having every realm brought down to a single layer and layering getting removed outright, something that has already taken place on certain realms based on population.

The Phase 2 content rollout will include Dire Maul, the PvP honor system, and the ever-helpful keyring to hold all of your vital keys in one place (and free up bag space). So you won’t be pressured to catch up with an entirely new raid if you’re intent on clearing Molten Core before the next tier arrives. Depending on when the patch does roll out, however, you may have a new sense of the ticking clock ultimately placed on the content schedule.

Source: PC Gamer, Wowhead

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Chris Walker

This is good news. For pvp servers, I envision roaming death squads, camped quest areas, and a general blood bath.

Jeremy Barnes

It’s gonna take them longer to get to TBC than it did the first time..

Roger Melly

From what I gather the classic servers are not progression servers . If there ever are Burning Crusade servers they will be separate from the existing ones .


I hope it never gets to that trash TBC.

Reginald Bottomsworth
Reginald Bottomsworth

You’re funny.


And correct as well.

But thanks for noticing, I’m a very fun guy to be around.


One concern that i’ve heard circulating around is that Phase 2 is bringing the honor system but not the BGs. So even though this should ignite some additional world PVP, it might dissuade new players or players hoping to get into PVP until a more “controlled” environment is introduced (like the BGs).

I am not a PVPer myself so it doesn’t really affect me much, but i was hoping to maybe check out some BGs sooner rather than later.