WRUP: Cynthia’s report about hedgehogs has raised some concerns among the faculty edition


Look, Cynthia is a bright eight-year old. All of us know that. But the thing is… well, some of us among the faculty have certain… concerns about her report about hedgehogs. For starters, there’s a general feeling that no eight-year-old should be turning in a report with full-frontal nudity, regardless of how many hedgehogs are also contained in the picture. That number, we’ll note, is zero.

It’s also unclear why Cynthia felt that it was necessary to list all of the things that “Daddy tried to eats” within here, and while we don’t believe that you tried to consume four pounds of what she calls “garbage rubber” it raises a lot of questions that need to be asked. There was also no need to include a lengthy digression about how a clock mechanism works, and while she is undeniably bright it doesn’t really pertain to hedgehogs.

Last but not least, Cynthia is still wearing the hedgehog costume from last Halloween, and when she’s asked about it she bites the faculty member closest to her and then tries to hide under her desk. We’re just… concerned. She wasn’t actually assigned a report about hedgehogs, she was supposed to answer What Are You Playing.

Bonus question: Do you wear hats? If so, what sort?

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Guild Wars 2 probably, but it’s going to be good weather and I need some sun, so I’ll be out in that mostly.

I pretty much hate hats because of their innate hair-wrecking properties, but I still wear them when we’re out doing Things other than errands, 100% for sun protection on my face (paranoid about that). This weekend is a hats weekend.

Carlo Lacsina (@UltraMudkipEX): I’ve been watching League of Legends’ yearly world tournament, so I’ll be watching some gaming, not so much playing. If I do get a chance, it’ll probably be some Final Fantasy XIV; nothing fancy, just dailies

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): Dauntless once again. As anyone who follows me on Twitter has seen, I’ve made loadouts for each type of element and I’ll be working on raising each piece of kit to +10. Three loadouts done, three more to go! I’m also going to continue leveling alt classes in Final Fantasy XIV, and I went ahead and picked up Astellia Online on a whim born purely of a little extra spending money and curiosity. I kinda want to check this one out. Maybe the subject of next month’s CMA?

I don’t wear hats often, but when I do it’s a flat cap. Typically I wear my flat cap with my hair pulled back as part of a way to keep my hair out of the way and out of my food while I’m cooking in the kitchen, though sometimes I also put it on just because I like it. It’s also the only style of hat that doesn’t look completely stupid on me.

Colin Henry (@ChaosConstant): I redownloaded Destiny 2 for its big Steam relaunch. I bought it a few years ago for super cheap, and I wanted to like it, but never got into it with all of the other things I have to play. It has a new tutorial, but it still does a really bad job of explaining what the heck is going on in the story. It feels like it assumes you played through the first Destiny, which is weird given that there are a whole lot of PC-only players who never even had access to the first one. I’ve also gotten back into Lord of the Rings Online lately. I just started Moria on Beorning, and I’m having a lot of fun. I hadn’t played it since the rework until a few days ago, and I really like what they’ve done with it.

I have a big head, so hats don’t really fit me.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): There’s my usual daily stuff in FFXIV, sure; beyond that, though, my plate is full of single-player games to play. I picked up Code Vein, for example, and it feels like its tweaks to the Souls formula are exactly what I need to make the genre finally connect just right. There are also a couple of things I can’t really talk about at the moment, but there’s still fun to be had.

Hats just don’t look good on me. Well, arguably nothing looks good on me, but in the case of hats it’s really a hat thing and not just the way I look.

Mia DeSanzo (@neschria): I have no idea what this weekend holds. Maybe I will go hat shopping.

Samon Kashani (@thesamkash): Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse will be my main jam this weekend.

I wear a hat everyday, everywhere I go. Baseball hats all the way. But with football teams on them. Football baseball hats.

Tyler Edwards: Probably more Mass Effect: Andromeda. Also been tinkering with the Age of Mythology: Extended Edition, so maybe more of that.

Bonus question: I’m Canadian; I’m pretty sure I lose my citizenship if I don’t own at least one toque. I’ve actually had the same toque since I was about two or three years old. One size fits all! Also sometimes a baseball cap in summer; I hate wearing them, but I need to keep the sun off my head. Yay for premature baldness…

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Adam Russell

Reading through discworld for the first time.
The Hedgehog cannot be Buggered at All.


Eww, Whee! All this talk of hats has got me in a country and western state of mind. I have plenty of caps, but my prized hats are one Stetson straw cowboy hat and one Stetson felt cowboy hat. I don’t wear them often, especially the felt, but they bring back tons of memories. Yes, sir! I’m Texas proud! Sometimes… LOL!

Now, on to important stuff. Yup. Destiny 2 is back on my system and it may just stay a good long while. Even though I own the game I started a new account to check out the F2P, and voila!, the fun is back.

As others have mentioned, you may feel a little out of sorts if you are new, but if you follow your quest markers you will be just fine.

I too would have preferred leveling instead of starting at a 750 gear score. BUT, I think it works well for what the game is, a looter shooter.

BTW, D2 really puts Anthems good and bad in relief. Anthems combat is superior, IMO, I can clearly see that now. BUT Anthems core problems with loot are crystal clear too in comparison. A shame that Anthem isn’t at D2s level of polish.

But what the hell am I talking about! I’ll stick with D2! Anthem is in the rear-view mirror.


you may feel a little out of sorts if you are new, but if you follow your quest markers you will be just fine

Speaking as a new player, I couldn’t disagree more! I tried following the New Light quest directions and for hours found myself thoroughly lost, confused, and frustrated, using abilities I didn’t understand to fight enemies I didn’t know anything about while a bunch of NPCs I didn’t know chattered at me over comms, overwhelmed by information overload and encountering a bunch of spoilers for the campaign stories – it was only after ignoring New Light and going to play the Red War campaign instead that I started to get a handle on what was going on and began enjoying myself.

New Light feels like a veteran’s idea of how to introduce a new player to the game’s endgame systems, having forgotten how bewildering those systems are when chucked into the deep end without context.

Also, the first campaign mission introduces some basic game concepts (like using energy weapons aganst shields) not mentioned in the new introduction.


Fair enough my friend. Fair enough. I tried to be objective, but I needed to walk your shoes.

Yeah, the Red War is a good place to start. And the loot should be good for your level.


Aye, once you know a game well it’s easy to think “I wish I’d known this stuff when I first started playing!” without remembering how little sense it would’ve made without first getting a thorough grounding in the basics.

As far as I can tell, with new players now starting off at 750 the same level of loot drops for me in Red War as it does anywhere else in the game. But I do like the look of the new ship the campaign gave me :)


Uh, I’ve pretty much only been playing Destiny 2 since it relaunched on Steam. I consider myself not a fan of the series (and you would think I hate it if you heard me talking about it), but dang if the loop hasn’t pulled me in deep. So, yeah, that’s pretty much what I’m going to be doing all weekend in terms of gaming. Right, if you’ll excuse me, those weekly challenges aren’t going to complete themselves. I hope you all have a relaxing and/or productive weekend.

Bonus answer: I hate wearing hats. I only wear them when I know I’m going to be working in the sun for a long time.


A little bit of Warframe, a little bit of DDO, and a lot of Destiny 2.

As somebody who never touched either Destiny game till now, I found it incredibly obtuse and unwelcoming to new players and very nearly bounced off, with several occasions where I came close to quitting in frustration at the lack of explanation around basic mechanics (particularly when I needed to double-jump to progress in a mission).

But I struggled through, and about 5 hours in discovered how to start playing the game’s initial story campaign (via the vendor inventory of an NPC tucked away in the Tower’s hangar) which I’m having fun with. Don’t know if I’ll hang around after I’m done with the campaigns though, the gameplay feels polished and solid but very generic, and the way the game acts as if you already know all the lore and setting information and NPCs means I’m finding it hard to connect with my character or the world.

I’m baffled by the decision to start all new players at max level, bringing as it does not just huge information overload but also a large number of decisions to make (with very little contextual information) when you start playing and no sense of progress afterwards. Similarly, judging by mysecretid’s comment below, all new players start with gear that’s already at the level cap (750) for the previous expansion and are dropped straight into the endgame grind, which means new gear has such an incremental increase in stats that it’s hard to notice any visible difference in gameplay and thus once again there’s no sense of progress and little to no excitement in finding new gear.

While I’m here, a couple of questions about gear I’m hoping someone here may help with:

What am I missing that stops legendary quality armour from being objectively worse than lower quality armour, since both have roughly the same stats but legendary seems to have lower energy capacity for mods?

Are all stats on armour and perks on weapons randomly generated on acquisition, or is there a way to decide what stats and perks you want and seek out specific sources of that gear?


Almost forgot the bonus question!

I’m very exothermic, so I keep my hair short and hats make my head overheat too much. But I do have a black-and-red snakeskin pattern vinyl stetson I wear to keep heavy snow off, and sometimes wear a bandanna to protect my scalp from the sun.


Unfortunately random stats on gear was something that the game’s community literally asked for during the “this game sucks” phase: it was something that was done in the first game, and for some reason the long time community seems to actually like that. Legendary gear generally has perks that usually more than compensates for slightly lower stats though.

Overall, while the game lacked in content at launch, prior to the Warmind DLC it was a much more accessible game. The Warmind DLC was one of those”pivot to what the influencers like” moves that troubled online games do, and the results were mixed: while streamers and various critics proclaimed the game to be much improved, the move drove away the more “casual” players that kept the game afloat during that launch period, and thus the game’s population hasn’t significantly recovered since (hence the F2P). By trading off one type of player for another, it kind of ended up being a wash.


Even as someone who has played Destiny 2 before, I found returning for the relaunch really confusing, so I can only imagine how a new player must feel. I’m also not a fan of the way everyone just starts at 750 now, completely missing out on leveling up (which lets you gradually unlock your arsenal of jumps/grenades, etc) and the quests to unlock your subclasses (which give you a little story to play through and a chance to test out said subclass).

Sadly, I’m not knowledgeable enough to adequately answer your gear questions. All I’ve figured out so far is that the gear that drops for you seems designed to be incrementally better than what you have until you reach the softcap of 900 Light Level, regardless of whether that gear is Legendary or not.

Ian Wells

I’ve honestly hit a point of “passion fatigue”, you might call it. No game seems particularly fun to me, no matter how much I used to love it. Nothing new has much appeal and noting on the horizon really has any hype. I will probably just be messing around with some single player games, maybe some Deep Rock Galactic as well. Other then that, maybe continue my Samurai Champloo marathon?


Final Fantasy XIV is probably going to take the majority of my time this weekend as usual for the time being. My DRK just hit 60 last night and I only need to do one more Frontline roulette to get enough Wolf Marks to finish off his GARO set. After that it’s down to needing full sets for both DRG (currently level 40) and WAR (currently 53) and then getting the weapon for AST (35 currently). Also will need to get 10 more wins in Feast and I’ll have the Goten mount + I’m like 5 PvP wins in general from getting the Raigo mount so I’ll get the latter likely this weekend. After that I’ll finally be done with this grind, probably doable within another week or two. Honestly it’s been a fun challenge and it’s gotten me out of my comfort zone. Helps that the PvP isn’t too bad as long as I just do enough to meet daily/weekly bonuses…

Then if I do touch other stuff, SMITE has been kind of off/on back on my menu, Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse has been really fun, and then I got into the alpha of Enemy On Board so I might pop into that and see how it’s coming along.


This week: Pigtails, WoW (Retail), Nuit Blanche, Lyn & Soul and more pigtails! o.O

Have a great week and weekend folks! <3

Malcolm Swoboda

Bolded is what I focused on.

  • World of Warcraft Classic – Nope! On break and will add again when I return.
  • Wizards Unite – Lv 26 reached. Boring! Start the new events already.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record – Logging :S
  • Magikarp Splash – Lv 73 fish. Kill me.
  • Mobius Final Fantasy – Okay, I’m still logging, but only logging!
  • FFXV Pocket Edition –Just messed about a bit.
  • Another Eden – Logging :S
  • Antihero – Some progress. Maybe we’re close to the end of the campaign, I’m not sure and I don’t want to spoil that.
  • Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls – Nearly done Chapter 2.
  • Attack on Titan: Tactics – Going through Chapter 5..

I’ve played less mobile this week than in a long while. What I have played, is trying out a free month of Origin Access Basic and on it testing Vampyr, Anthem, and Battlefront 2 on my old gaming desktop which is… running the games surprisingly okayish.

May actually focus on Vampyr. Always wanted to play it and its ‘sucking’ me in :P

Also tried Destiny 2 on gaming laptop which wasn’t powerful enough, so may try on desktop soon.


LOTRO pissed me off earlier this week when the solo questline for Aragorn’s sword dropped a huge 6-player dungeon as the final mission. I don’t enjoy instances, so I declared the questline finished in my head and moved on to Trollshaws. That cheered me up quite a bit because it’s a beautiful zone with my favorite music in the game. It has that Old Forest feel without being such a maze.

I’ve been feeling bogged down with the excessive amount of less-than-interesting sidequests so I’m focusing on the epic and only completing side stuff as needed to level up. I got through the epic portion of Trollshaws quickly and I’m leveling up on deeds there and in Annúminas before continuing the epic in the Misty Mountains.

I keep my remaining hair buzzed to the scalp, so hats are very mandatory when outside. I have a battered old baseball cap that I wear at home and a more presentable cap for trips to town.

Have a nice weekend!


I hate when they do that. It should be declared as a disease called Blizz’itus. That is, a compulsive obsession that afflicts developers who need to wall their completion of a quest line behind group instances and/or PvP. /sigh

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Yeah, I remember dropping the questline at that point, and now when leveling alts I just avoid the intro quest because I know where it’s going to lead. I’m not bitter about it or anything; just don’t like leaving the questline hanging there. At least they added “inspiration” – that covers the most important quests.

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I’m still playing Trove. I did in fact hit max level on my Knight last weekend, and shifted gears: I’m currently leveling a Fae Trickster, which is easily one of the rarest classes I see walking around in the game. It takes a lot more thought leveling one than the Knight, who’s playstyle consisted of running up to mobs and beating on them until they pop and loot pours out.

I’m also trying to do all the chicken quests in LotRO, which awards the Feather Cloak and title “Crosser of Roads”. I have two left: the Trollshaws and … the other one. I almost completed the Trollshaws yesterday. I was about an hour into it, made it from the Shire to within 50 meters from Rivendell Valley, close enough to shine the shoes of the two elves guarding the entrance when one of those accursed cats decloaked and killed me from behind in one hit. Ugh – so close!

Meanwhile, I’m waiting for Halloween to arrive in all my favorite MMO’s. Man, I love this time of year! Have a good weekend all!

Oh yeah: hats. I often wear a baseball cap in the non-winter months, sometimes reversed, depending on if I want to keep the sun out of my eyes or off the back of my necks. Winter finds me in a pull-on cap or beanie and a scarf.