SWTOR’s Powertechs and Vanguards get lethal new toys

No, not THAT Vanguard


The parade of Star Wars: The Old Republic class changes marches on, with BioWare thrusting the Powertech and Vanguard advanced roles into the spotlight — and revealing the very deadly toys that they will get when Onslaught launches this month.

Both roles are getting the Power Yield ability to augment their functions as front-line tanks in operations and flashpoints. This gives a hefty bump to armor and damage, especially when the Powertech as a tank is getting pounded on during a fight.

BioWare also shared previews of the new set bonuses for both classes. There are a few of these, each sporting a different tactical bonus, such as the Plasmatech’s increased critical chance or the Advanced Prototype’s ability to cause thermal detonators to explode on enemies.

Source: SWTOR
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Randy Savage

The only thing that could bring me back to this game is less buttons. Not more.

Daniel Reasor

What slays me is that I don’t have to read the source article to know that the new buttons are just new cooldowns that don’t interaction with the player’s rotation or priority system in any meaningful way. That’s all they ever seem to add to the game. Actual ideas for class design began and ended on day one of pre-development, when they copied and pasted Wrath of the Lich King’s classes into space.


So then which tank plays like Frost Death Knight tank?