Camelot Unchained’s support class testing moves on to the Dark Fool


While the Minstrel class in Camelot Unchained is by no means finished, the weekly update now notes that the folks at City State Entertainment are focusing efforts on the Dark Fool, the support class for the Tuatha faction.

The Dark Fool has come far enough along that it’s ready for some testing with next week’s build, so players will get to sing and shout their foes into a panicked state very shortly. The devs also kept up work with the Skald support class, adding ability components, starter abilities, and traits. Once sound and visual effects are in, the Skald will be ready to test. Of course, bug fixing for these classes continues, such as a fix for songs persisting on a target after death.

Naturally, the weekly digest also bullet points several development updates like Linuxification work, chat log and chat server improvements, and further advancements in NPC AI. The art section also has some sweet looking designs for support class medium armors and a number of spear weapon concepts. Like always, it’s a pretty packed list of things for fans to look over.

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Oh well.


Information burn out is a real thing.

One day this game will likely launch but there’s a significant risk few will care about it much anymore.

Seeing similar non reactions to news about other indie MMOs here and elsewhere, only controversial efforts such as SC or COE garner much attention.

APOC / Ashes, CF, CU, pretty much crickets all the way around these days.

Pantheon still gets some buzz because of well, Brad of course, but rest are fading into the back ground…..