Overwatch is getting a young adult novel focused on Orisa’s creator, Efi Oladele


Those of you who know your Overwatch lore no doubt recognize the name Efi Oladele, the creator of robotic hero Orisa in the wake of Doomfist’s attack on Numbani. She’s getting to take center stage with an upcoming young adult novel published by Scholastic, The Hero of Numbani, written by Nicky Drayden and due for release in May 2020. Yes, you may know that the story centers around Oladele building Orisa, but there’s more going on than just that.

Efi Oladele has grown up as a robotic prodigy, but the attacks on the local omnics lead to a disrupted peace within that community. She builds Orisa to serve as a defender, but Orisa herself has quite a bit of learning to do about being a hero to Numbani… and Efi, in turn, has a lot to learn along the way as well. You know that the story ends with Orisa in Overwatch, of course, but if you’re curious about what happened further behind the curtain, keep your eyes peeled for the release next year.

Source: Amazon via Polygon

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Every time I see Overwatch marketing unfolding all I can think about is that random guy in Family Guy who pulls out pics of his children and beats the guy he was talking to in the face with them to get him to look at his kids.