Warframe shares Empyrean release plans, a new boss enemy, October’s update, and a Halloween preview

Oh, look, another Warframe dev stream packed to the absolute gills with information and updates. Seriously, these things have more details than most games stuff into their monthly newsletters. Let’s try to run things down as briefly as possible:

  • The Empyrean update still has no release date, but we now know it will arrive in three pieces, subtitled Drydock, Take Flight, and Find Answers. Presumably, adding all of this spaceship stuff is too dense for a single patch.
  • New procedurally generated boss targets are coming known as Kuva Liches. Regular watchers of Warframe’s dev streams probably know these as Kingpins before: a boss that spawns with a related ‘Frame power and a unique weapon. Naturally, taking out this boss isn’t easy, as players will actually have to pull off a killing move to finish the Lich off. Doing so will reward you with that Lich’s unique weapon, which has no Mastery Rank but is a significant step up from normal weapons. You can also attempt to convert a Lich to become an ally who can be called to help you.

  • PC players can expect Grendel, Warframe’s thickest ‘Frame, to arrive in October, along with his related cosmetics and weapons, an Exilus slot for primary and secondary weapons, three additional purchasable Upgrade and Appearance configs, and reworks of Vauban and Ember, which got their own developer deep-dive post.
  • Finally, Digital Extremes confirms that Melee 3.0 is still in the works, cross-save is being looked in to but not cross-play (sadness), and a Halloween event is coming that will grant players an Ephemera effect that has myriad bats fluttering away from you if you survive the event long enough. Until then, Day of the Dead items are available in the Market , featuring new and returning goodies available between now and November 1st.

source: official site (1, 2), thanks Sophiskiai for the tip!

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