Apex Legends kicks off its Fight or Fright event on October 15

skulls are scary

Who says that you can’t have a properly spooky event in a battle royale game? Apex Legends is working hard at making sure you have a fiendish time in the upcoming Fight or Fright collection event, starting with a special nighttime map for Kings Canyon. You’ll also be able to complete challenges during the event to unlock two legendary weapon skins, both of which look appropriately seasonal in their livery.

Players can also unlock 24 different bits of seasonal cosmetics, which can be unlocked one of three ways – you can purchase them directly for Apex coins, earn them in event packs, or craft them depending on your resources. Earning all 24 also unlocks an Heirloom item, which is motivation to get the full batch one way or another but still allows you a fair amount of flexibility in how. The event starts on October 15th, so if you want to have a big-scale battle but want the appropriate level of spookiness with it, that’s the date to mark on your calendar.