Black Desert brings the desert dragon Nouver to the PS4


It’s time for PlayStation 4 owners of Black Desert to go on a world boss hunt. Today’s update to the sandbox MMORPG has brought about the arrival of Nouver the Desert’s Wrath along with a few other noteable additions.

PC players of Black Desert will likely be familiar with what Nouver is all about, but for those PS4 players who are uninitiated, this beast has a number of challenges awaiting those who decide to enter the fight. For one thing, Nouver lies deep within the Valencia desert, which carries a number of its own hazards like sandstorms, heat stroke, and hypothermia; make sure to bring Purified Water, Star Anise Tea, and Tents as you venture forth. Once you manage to get to Nouver, there will be several things to be wary of, most of them involving fire breath. Facing the challenge of Nouver has its rewards. Specifically, a Nouver Sub-weapons Box that lets players earn extra AP and raises their overall AP

As Nouver is a world boss, his arrival has changed the world boss timetable. The latest patch notes also detail the addition of Awakened Boss Scroll pieces that can be earned for completing daily and weekly boss scrolls, improved rewards for those participating in guild quests, improvements to enhancements, and a variety of class adjustments.

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