Chronicles of Elyria’s Kickstarter-versary enters its final week with one final stretch goal to unlock


The last few pieces of news coming out of Chronicles of Elyria have been all about its Kickstarter anniversary crowdfunding drive, which is perhaps to be expected considering the effort has seen Soulbound Studios rake in gobs of cash. With the event now entering its final week, that flood of money doesn’t appear to be abating anytime soon.

At the time of the announcement’s posting, Chronicles of Elyria fans reportedly have only 25% left to reach the last stretch goal of Adventure Islands, which will be unlocked at $780K. The final week’s items may well push crowdfunding to that target and beyond if the past few weeks are any indication, offering fans a number of sale items including more gliders, a chariot, cosmetics, and a Map to Adventure item that will offer several clues that lead to a hidden treasure or lost bit of knowledge.

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As concept it sounds like a good medieval sandbox with immersion>QoL and ease as main thinking but its been a long time in development and we got to see how it goes. I hope the people get their money worth in the game and we could use a sandbox like this – time isnt at their side though

Robert Mann

Already happened. XD