Elder Scrolls Online’s Dragonhold DLC launches October 21 on PC, but the prologue questline is live now

Plus Elder Scrolls Legends' Jaws of Oblivion expansion rolls out today

Elder Scrolls Online’s Dragonhold DLC launches October 21 on PC, but the prologue questline is live now
We are barreling on to Elder Scrolls Online’s last big DLC of 2019, Dragonhold, and as of today, we have an official date for it: October 21st for PC and November 5th on console. That’s a bit to wait, but in the meanwhile, you can jump into the Dragonhold Prologue questline, which is live today on all platforms, whether or not you’ve bought any DLC.

“To begin the Dragonhold Prologue, pick up the “Letter from Kasura” quest starter item from the in-game Crown Store (it’ll be listed under Quest Starters). Then look for the Imperial messenger, Hinzuur, in Vulkhel Guard, Daggerfall City, or Davon’s Watch and begin the adventure that takes you into the ravaged wildlands of Southern Elsweyr. In these new quests, you team up with the Redguard swordmaster Sai Sahan (returning from the ESO main story questline) to discover lost Dragonguard sanctuaries scattered throughout Tamriel and uncover their ancient secrets. Together, you must find a way to turn the tide against the rage of Dragons that now threatens Tamriel.”

Players who participate in the prologue aid the whole community to “unlock a zone-wide gold acquisition bonus in Northern Elsweyr.”

In other Elder Scrolls news, Elder Scrolls Legends officially launched its latest expansion, Jaws of Oblivion, today.

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I did this last night, it was very well done and not overly long and grindy like the Murkmire one was.

They send you here and there for a while and then introduce you to a little bit of Hammerfell and you get to team up with Sai Saharn. It also introduces a new gadget of sorts the Grappling bow which is a lot of fun. And It also awards a nice animated furnishing for your player home and a nice memento at the end.

The final battle is a little gimmicky in it’s gimping (have to avoid multiple mobs, while avoiding constant area attacks (which will almost one shot) while being constantly slowed making it difficult to avoid them. It is only a two stage battle though so it isn’t so irksome as to take overly long even if you die a couple of times.