Leaderboard: Are you planning to buy a PlayStation 5?


Yep, you knew PlayStation 5 was happening. Now you know when: Sony president and CEO Jim Ryan confirmed today that it’ll be here for the holiday 2020 buying frenzy, so basically there’s just one more year before we get to jump into that fun zone when you start wondering which MMORPGs on console will also make the leap… or slowly be deprecated the way so many games on older consoles once were.

That said, I’m tempted. My family is chiefly into PC gaming, though we do have an older PS3 and a Switch and a basically unusable Wii and approximately a hundred mobile devices (it feels this way!). I skipped the PS4/Xbox One generation, if you don’t count the Switch, and I’ve regretted it a little bit, especially since more MMORPGs than ever have landed there.

Are you planning to buy a PlayStation 5?

Leaderboard: Are you planning to buy a PlayStation 5? (Choose up to 3.)

  • Absolutely. Open those preorders please. (17%, 65 Votes)
  • Very likely. Let's see the price and launch titles. (25%, 92 Votes)
  • On the fence. (8%, 30 Votes)
  • Probably not. (12%, 43 Votes)
  • Definitely not. (15%, 56 Votes)
  • No idea, that's a year away, a lot can happen in a year. (7%, 27 Votes)
  • I'll probably wait to see what other platforms do first. (6%, 22 Votes)
  • I buy ALL the platforms. (4%, 16 Votes)
  • Something else. (3%, 11 Votes)
  • No response / view tally. (3%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 328

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Rodrigo Dias Costa

Probably not, but who knows? Our home is mainly PC gaming, with the Switch as a great secondary platform (excluding the phones themselves). Last year we considered for a while buying another console for the living room, but eventually let the idea go.

If the console really launch with the rumored backward compatibility, we maybe pull the trigger on buying one… sometime around 2021.


I’m going to hold out for the inevitable PS5 Pro. And if that somehow doesn’t come, then at least by then I can probably get a PS5 for cheaper than it will be at launch, or at least get a nice bundle or something.


Nah, I’ll get the Xbox 1010x

Roger Melly

Probably eventually but I only just brought a PS4 last week and there are plenty of cheap games that I will play on that first . I am not someone who has to have the latest tech to make me happy .

Kickstarter Donor

It feels like I just bought my PS4 (I didn’t buy mine on launch day), so I’ll probably wait a while.

As Bannex says below, the first-generation of the console releases usually have all the bugs and problems as well, so that’s another reason to wait and see.

If the PS5 plays PS4 games easily, that may push me to consider buying the new console sooner.

Basically, I plan to wait and see …

Patreon Donor
Kickstarter Donor
Loyal Patron

The best I can say is “I’d like to today?”

So long as it’s not overpriced?

So long as it retains backwards compatibility for PS4 games?

So long as it isn’t loaded with worthless peripherals and spyware like the Xbone was at ship?

I only buy one console every ten years or so. I’m pickier than most.

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Jack Pipsam

I’m more of an Xbox guy, but… maybe. I skipped the PS4 and I haven’t really felt left-out this entire generation, I might be finally tempted with The Last of Us Part 2 (Last of Us being the reason I got an original PS3).
If the thing about the backwards compatibility is true that’ll be great.

Now if the question is the next Xbox? Totally. 100% Day One. I’ll be there.

If I still have my job then I do plan on this time getting around to getting both a PS5 and the new Xbox to have both there throughout the next generation. However my priority would be the next Xbox.

I am curious to see what this new controller for the PS5 looks like, traditionally I just don’t enjoy the PlayStation controller layout, it just doesn’t feel good to me, so I’m very interested to see what it’s going to be like next time around.
Also they need to step-up hard with their online efforts with the speed and what not. Embracing 4K blu-ray like the current base level Xbox can would be nice as well.

The Weeb formerly known as Sray
The Weeb formerly known as Sray

The following is a very long winded response to an extremely minor nitpick.

As an owner of both the Xbox One and PS4, I have to say that the PS4 is network significantly quicker than the Xbox network. The differences are practically night and day between the two consoles for game installation, whether it’s through physical copies or online. I downloaded Destiny 2 on both my PS4 and Xbone a couple days ago, which is a 90Gb install: the Xbox took nearly an hour, and the PS4 took about 30 mins. Both systems are sitting right next to one another, hardwired with Cat7 cable to the same network switch, both installing to SATA 3 SSDs, and both done during the early evening which is a high local usage time in my neighborhood (and that can heavily affect my DL speeds). A 50Gb install off a physical copy will be done in about 10 minutes on the PS4, and the Xbox will take even longer than downloading a straight up digital copy, even if it is disconnected from the network and installing solely from the media. My friends who also have both consoles have told me that’s pretty much the exact same as their experiences: the PS4 has the reputation of having a really slow network, but it’s actually much faster than the Xbox. Maybe it’s a Canadian Internet thing though, and everywhere else the PS4 is the slower platform.

But I absolutely agree that the PS5 having a 4k Blu-ray should be a minimum expectation of both upcoming consoles.

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Jack Pipsam

It might depend where you live. I’ve only personally had the experience of the PSN from an Australian perspective. Xbox has dedicated servers in Australia, PlayStation didn’t (and I’m not still sure they do, if they do now it’s news to me). But that alone wasn’t the only problem.

PSN for a very long time also had a weird kink of classifying Australians as Europeans, so instead of doing what most gaming companies do who lack dedicated servers here and connect us to US West servers as that tends to have acceptable pings for downloading content, PSN for some reason would connect us through the slowest possible route all the way to Europe. The stupidest possible scenario. Perhaps they’ve fixed this since the PS3, but from what I constantly hear from my friends, PSN is slow, slow, slow.
Slow in a way nothing else is, the Switch is fine, Xbox is good, most PC stores are fine or even great (UPlay is surprising excellent), PSN I constantly hear is a slog. Often from diehard PS4 players who scoff at anything Xbox related.

But from what I’ve heard from USA based gaming podcasts, PSN seems to be an issue for a lot of users there in terms of downloading from their store, patching and what-not.

But I do agree that installing games physically on Xbox One (something I do a fair bit of), is slow as all hell. The way to actually speed the process up as it seems you’ve tried is to put the Xbox into offline mode so it puts all its attention on the disc instead of it trying to download the game and install of the disc at the same time. It’s stupid as heck and I suspect it’s something which goes back to their dumb original always-online plan for the Xbox.

Going into this supposed streaming-based future (ugh, gross), all I know is Xbox and even Google for their stupid Stadia thing have proper, dedicated infrastructure here. If Sony does have servers here (which is entirely possible they do now), they’re not very good servers from what I personally encounter.
Then of course ISPs and whatnot.

It’s a shame because Sony does have, easily, the better games. The more players for their multi-platform games and really I haven’t a clue what the Xbox is really planning while Sony just needs to do what they’re doing now, but more to win easily again lol. Sony’s focus on their strong exclusives is admirable.


Yeah prob 2021 though. I never buy the first models, they’re always riddled with problems.

At this point I’ll wait until the ps5 pro seeing as there is no point to the initial launch console.


I mean… Probably?

I’ve a heavy mix of console and PC gaming, usually switching for whatever is best wherever… IE–won’t bother with Skyrim/Fallout on console, but PC is a given, RPGs and the like I’ll take… eh, anywhere really. Same with MMOs. I’m absolutely spoiled with FF14 and playing it with a controller, PC or Console.

So it’ll depend on what the PS5 has to offer. It’s backwards compatible apparently so no worries there… But I’d rather see something more extensive than simply “PS4 games too”. Microsoft did well enough in making Xbox One backwards compatible with the 360 and even OG Xbox so… I’d prefer to see Sony pick up on that and do the same. The whole ‘classics’ system is nice and all but… Sony pretty much gave out on that. There hasn’t been a PS2 classic released in what seems like years now and no announcements of more to come. At the very least? Playstation 3 backwards compatibility would be an easy sell for me. And if that carried with it the PS1/PS2 games you could play off the 3? Yeah, consider me a pre-order.

Otherwise… Maybe if they announce a Demons Souls Remastered for it, I might go for it… I just really want to play through and finish that game again (though apparently emulation for it is getting reaaaaally good…)


Do you guys not have consoles? o.O

Poker Brat
Poker Brat

*Pulls Latest Gen Console out of my back pocket*