Starbase’s latest video is all about the creation, programming, and firing of missiles


In most other video games, missiles are pretty much a fire-and-forget sort of thing that you just purchase and push a button to make things explode from a distance. Starbase proves that it’s a different beast entirely with its latest video detailing how its missiles will work, once more showcasing a level of customization and complexity that will either impress or make you worried that you need to be an astrophysics engineer to even play this thing.

Missiles in Starbase are composed of four parts, each with two variants: a thruster, which either has fast or slow fuel burn; a fuel tank, which either allows for long-distance travel or has smaller range but uses any excess fuel for a bigger boom; a warhead, which delivers either heat or corrosive damage; and the fuse, which triggers the explosion on contact or when the missile reaches a certain range. Players can mix and match these pieces to create the destruction delivery system of their dreams, and each piece operates as its own device, which means they can have set values like speed, fuel capacity, timers, and more much like other devices.

Missiles can be fired either individually using the Universal Tool, or from a mountable missile launcher that holds up to nine missiles. Naturally, the launcher can be programmed as well, with functions that can be programmed to either fire its entire payload or one projectile at a time. You can also attach yourself to a missile using magnetic boots and launch yourself at something for maximum shenanigans.

Missiles are just the first step in projectile-based weaponry, as the video also teases the addition of torpedoes, which will consist of eight different pieces to consider. For now, let’s enjoy the remarkably deep dish of missiles in Starbase with the video below.

source: YouTube