Albion Online increases Silver costs, lowers Transmutation costs, and tweaks some items


Balancing the economy of Albion Online appears to be at the forefront of today’s patch to the Percival update, which is mainly all about introducing more Silver sinks in the face of mounting inflation in Silver to Gold cost ratios thanks to the amount of Silver players can earn from randomized dungeons. That doesn’t sound terribly thrilling on the face of it, but the update does touch on a number of services players utilize in-game.

Silver costs for repairing items have jumped 100%, but knockdown damage has been halved, so repair costs for knockdowns should remain the same. Market order fees have also raised to 1.5%, market taxes have raised to 6% or 3% depending on if you’re a free player or a Premium player, and the cost of buying additional bank tabs, islands and island upgrades, fast travel, and converting Fame to Fame Credits have all raised by 50%.

In addition to these Silver cost increases, the patch also reduces the cost of Transmutation while also making the process four times faster in an effort to get more people to use the system. The patch also makes constructing, upgrading, and repairing a building two times faster, doubles the respawn time of critters and resources in safe zones, and makes some adjustments to Cursed Staffs, Nature Staffs, the Guardian Helmet, and the Quarrier Workboots. All of the updates are detailed in the patch notes.