Dauntless has patched in frame rate uncapping and aether striker balance tweaks today

Daunting with myself, oh oh.

Do you get deeply upset when games don’t allow you to reach FPS counts in the high hundreds, never mind whether or not your monitor’s refresh rate can even display them? Alternately, are you perfectly happy with 60 FPS and want to make sure that a game isn’t trying to push beyond that with a detrimental effect on your performance? Whichever one matters to you, the latest Dauntless patch has you covered with frame rate capping, letting you set the game to run at 30, 60, 90, 120, or 144 FPS… or just leave it uncapped and let it fall where it may.

The patch also includes some tuning for the new aether strikers; damage on some moves has been reduced, abilities are no longer blocked by players moving in front of you, and combos don’t need to be finished to execute specials. Check out the full patch notes for a walkthrough of the bugs fixed and the specific balance changes, or just play around to see how they feel now that you can freely uncap your frame rate.

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My Dauntless patch check routine: install the game, wipe couple times on basic Riftstalker in a random group, uninstall.

This is hopeless.