City of Titans’ avatar builder is coming to backers soon

Up, up, and away!


Ship of Heroes isn’t the only superhero MMORPG in town that’s getting a character builder out to its fans this month: City of Titans just announced that it’s going to be pushing out a standalone avatar builder for its backers within the next two weeks.

“The avatar builder that backers will receive is the standalone, early beta version of the software that we have shown in previous updates,” the team said. “It is fully functional but still contains a number of known issues. A more complete, more integrated version of the software that addresses the issues of the standalone version, is already in production, and will be distributed through the launcher software as it becomes available.”

Alongside the builder release will be the debut of City of Titans’ “Second Chance” web store that will “be used to accelerate the overall production” of the MMO. Priorities for these funds will be given to better graphics and an improved avatar builder.

“We are very excited to finally be able to put the avatar builder into your hands,” the team teased. “We have told you about it, but now it is time to see what you can do.”

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Nick Smith

Okay… is there anyone here that will be purchasing and getting their hands on both the Ship of Heroes and City of Titans character creators? I’d love to see a review :)


I second this! I’m very interested in the comparison