Lord of the Rings Online puts a cap on embers, motes, and figments

Anyone else miss the old EPCOT Figment ride?


If you are not acquainted with the Lord of the Rings Online scene these days, chances are that the headline above made about as much sense as the Black Speech. Basically, these are important currencies used to purchase endgame items, and Standing Stone Games is looking to close a loophole that’s allowed people to stockpile more than they should.

“A bug has allowed some players to consolidate the numbers of Embers of Enchantment, Motes of Enchantment, and Figments of Splendour onto their account far above the Wallet cap of 10,000,” the studio said on the forums. “When the Minas Morgul expansion is released, all Embers and Motes of Enchantment, along with all Figments of Splendour, will have their total set to the cap of 10,000 if their total exceeds 10,000.”

Earlier today, both LOTRO and DDO were experiencing serious issues that kept players from logging into both games. SSG said that these issues have since been resolved.

Source: LOTRO Forums

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When I saw this in the LOTRO announcements, I figured it was the reason server transfers have been down for weeks. Which would make perfect sense.

I also figured that players who have been using those transfers to purposefully exceed currency caps would complain that their loophole is being closed. I was not disappointed.

While I can see the point that SSG should have addressed this much earlier, there is no way players thought they would just get away with it forever. They know there is an intentional cap on certain account-wide currencies, they know they were exceeding that cap, and they know exactly how they were doing it on purpose.

Complain about the cap being too low or unneeded or whatever. But do that all along, not just when your little scheme has been exposed and you will have to start playing by the rules that are in place.