Monster Hunter: World Iceborne adds Rajang hunt and new endgame content today, details future updates


It’s all about the new hotness for Monster Hunter: World Iceborne, which might sound contradictory considering the expansion’s subtitle until you realize that you’re going to a volcanic biome to fight an extremely hot-tempered monkey monster. Today’s update has opened up some new endgame pursuits for top-level Hunters, including the Rajang hunt and some new Tempered critters to take down.

Today’s update focuses on Rajang, an extremely grumpy gorilla with horns and bunches of punches judging by its announcement trailer located in a new volcanic area of the Guiding Lands. Players can expect to find Tempered versions of the Gold Rathian and Silver Rathalos in the Guiding Lands with today’s update as well. In addition, materials gathered from the Guiding Lands can be used to create some new cosmetic armor, and the Guiding Lands have seen a number of gameplay adjustments like increased drop rate of tracks to analyze, fixed region levels, and a number of bug fixes, among other updates.

This new update also allows players to visit the personal rooms of other hunters, and new room decorations are on offer as paid DLC.

As for the future of Monster Hunter: World Iceborne, players can look forward to the November Resident Evil crossover event along with the player-designed Black Eagle Charge Blade and Wiggler Palico armor. December will see the game’s first seasonal event and a new upcoming monster to fight. PlayStation 4 players will also be getting exclusive quests based around Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.

Patch notes for this update are online and a developer diary all about what’s new and next is below.

source: press release
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