Ship of Heroes’ character creation tool donor beta is set for November 1


Just an hour ago, we joked that City of Titans and Ship of Heroes were just about to have a big ol’ showdown as the two City of Heroes-inspired MMOs were angling toward getting their character creator tools out in the open at roughly the same time. Now, it’s Ship of Heroes’ turn in the spotlight, as Heroic Games has just announced that it’ll start its own CCT beta on November 1st.

“We are fulfilling our 2017 promise to open the CCT to everyone who has donated at least $50 over the last couple of years, and let them create original characters using our character models and costumes,” says Heroic Games CEO Casey McGeever. “Also, as we promised in the past, participants in this Beta will be able to create characters and save their character names for future use.

“We think we’ve made the best character creation tool of any modern MMORPG in terms of scope and depth of customization. With three distinct character models, over 100 faces, more than 80 specific morphs, more than 50 kinds of eyes, dozens of costumes and hair models, and more, this is a new level of excellence in customization. What’s more, our CCT is only going to get better over time as we add new costumes, more skin, hair, fur, and other options for players with which to make their own unique avatars. Our players can make more unique characters in Ship of Heroes than there are unique adults on the earth.”

Do note that this beta will be open for donors who chip in before October 15th; we don’t know for sure when or whether other players might be allowed in. Our own superhero MMO column recently covered what we expect out of the beta and why it’s so important for MMORPGs.

Source: Press release

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Grave Knight

Hopefully they’ll release it as a Demo when the game gets closer to a full release…in like 2022 (okay, they’re probably a lot closer to a release than that).

The City

Inb4 November 1st becomes December 1st then January 1st. Sounding alot like some other company I know of that pushed back dates for their spiritual successor game.

Magnus Itland

I don’t have super high expectations for this, given the shoestring budget and limited development time. As far as I know, they don’t even have auras or non-human character types yet. But hey, it’s a beta, and I’ve supported them financially for quite a while, so I certainly hope to get a peek. Given that players get to run around in parts of the city, I may even run into some acquaintances. But it’s a beta, of course it will be incomplete and probably have bugs. That’s what beta means. I’m not going to judge the game from this. Well, unless it is really good.

Daniel Solorzano

Super excited as that is before I go to Disneyworld for a week starting on the 6th. Hopefully my wives brother doesn’t have his baby on the 1st haha


Oh they will, Babies are jerks like that.