Temtem shares the first backer-created creature design process


The critters of Temtem are the center of the action, being as the title is a Pokemon-inpsired game which funded last year. This is why one of the potential backer rewards was the opportunity to work with the team to design one of the little monsters. Fans can now check out a recounting of the design process with the first backer, Soma Ghost, who picked a Toxic/Wind bird based on the prehistoric Archaeopteryx with a generally wild, fierce look.

While the team’s initial plan was to create a bird with more of a general phoenix-like look, Soma’s preferences led to the current appearance, starting with some five proposals for both the first stage and the second stage of the creature. Soma picked their favorite of the designs, and after further refinement, the final forms are drawn… but not yet named, as Soma chose to turn that over to the community to vote on the final name for #109 and #110. While the creator still has ultimate veto power, it’s still a chance for players to speak up and get a voice in this player-made beast’s genesis.

Source: Kickstarter
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