Global Chat: One MMO gamer is trying to finish Fallen Earth before it’s gone


When you know that your beloved MMORPG is about to be shut down, what do you do? If you’re the blog 24 Hours in MMOs, you engage in a race to finish as much of the game as possible before the servers go offline.

The race through Fallen Earth began back in August as part of the author’s quest to spend 24 hours of /played time in particular MMOs and has continued into October. “With the return of City of Heroes I can no longer say that Fallen Earth is my absolute favourite MMO, but it’s still right up there,” the 24hoursinmmos author wrote at the start of the journey. “There’s a few things that this game does better than any other MMO I’ve played, and there’s nothing else quite like it out there.”

If it’s too late for you to get this deep into the game, at the very least you can vicariously ride along with this blog series. And when you’re done with that, check out the rest of these MMO essays and posts by the community!

The Ancient Gaming Noob: EverQuest progression servers vs. WoW Classic

“So now Blizzard is in the nostalgia business with WoW Classic, and is clearly seeing some success from having done so. But it is interesting to see the different paths Daybreak and Blizzard took to get to their respective positions, both in how the went after the idea and how their respective games evolved over time.”

Kamalia Et Alia: A few thoughts on Patch 8.2.5

“With these events being history repeating itself, I appreciated the nods to Siege of Orgrimmar — a conversation between two guards at Razor Hill about it being the second time for one of them, Ji Firepaw being in Thunder Bluff tending to Baine because he’s already been in Orgrimmar under siege once and doesn’t care to relive the experience.”

Endgame Viable: Guild Wars 2’s Bound by Blood

“I can’t quite put my finger on exactly what’s different, but there’s definitely something different. It’s … not annoying. The map is pleasant to navigate around in. I don’t feel like I’m being punished whenever I want to go somewhere (cough Dragonsfall cough). It’s not a chore to explore. I can look at something in the distance, become interested in checking it out, and make my way over to it without anything jumping up to stop me, like walls, or packs of enemies that take ten minutes to kill. There are conversations popping up all around that are interesting to eavesdrop on. The scenery is pleasant to look at. It’s mostly green grass and trees. There’s no dark purple lightning clouds of doom swirling around all the time. It’s … dare I say it … fun?”

Mailvatar: There are stories behind those doors

Warframe continues to amaze me on a daily basis. There’s so much to do and see, it boggles the mind. Up there you see me on my hoverboard, cruising the mountaintops of Orb Vallis. I’m still getting the hang of riding it, but it’s a lot of fun and also blazingly fast compared to traveling on foot. This is ‘only’ the vanilla version of it too; in time I’ll build my own one, custom stats and all.”

Tales of the Aggronaut: Shadowkeep show and tell

“This morning is mostly just going to be a long string of pictures and commentary about those pictures. I spent the vast majority of the weekend playing Destiny 2 and the Shadowkeep expansion content. If you could custom build an expansion to my interests you would end up with this one, largely because it has a lot of overworld activities going on and things to grind for. We are going to start this off however by showing off my favorite ship.”

Aywren Sojourner: Mogtome bird mounts

“I’ve been very diligent this past week in participating in the Mogtome event, mostly because there are a number of mounts I want to earn for various characters. While Amon has all of the primal ponies, my main doesn’t have a single one. Also, up until now, both my main and Amon only had one bird mount.”

Every day there are tons of terrific, insightful, and unusual articles posted across the MMO gaming blogosphere — and every day, Justin reads as many as he can. Global Chat is a sampling of noteworthy essays, rants, and guides from the past few weeks of MMO discourse.

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August? It’s been that long?

Thanks for the mention for 24 Hours In…, Justin. I didn’t realise when I picked Fallen Earth for my next game (a few days before the announcement) that it would turn into the longest run on a single game I’ve done in years, but it’s certainly given me something to write about.


As far as the classics and progression, I hope folks escaping the fiasco that is Blizzard will take a look at the project 99 Green server coming out on the 25th. It’s a free emulator that is legal (they have written permission from Daybreak) and is planning on trying to start as classic EQ as possible and move up to Velious expansion at the same rate that the original game moved.