WRUP: All of my cell phone’s notification sounds edition

WRUP: All of my cell phone’s notification sounds edition
  • Email (Work): The sound of a man smashing his fist through a plate-glass window followed by a series of epithets making it entirely clear that he is in significant amounts of pain.
  • Email (Personal): Ducks angrily quacking at one another in a zoo after getting out of their enclosure
  • Slack: A Cadillac Escalade rolling over on an airport tarmac in the background while a woman from Italy reads off a list of common vegetable names
  • Discord: Untitled Goose Game honking (Skrillex remix)
  • Twitter: “All Star” by Smash Mouth but every third word is replaced by the sound of tearing fabric
  • Text messages: The Wilhelm scream (Skrillex remix)
  • Ringtone: 400 bees angrily buzzing as an airplane takes off.
  • What Are You Playing comment notifications: The compiled works of Skrillex (Lawrence Welk remix)

Bonus Question: What irrational fear do you have that you’re aware of, notwithstanding that being aware of it likely doesn’t help much?

Andy McAdams: Well, as I’ve cancelled my World of Warcraft subscription because, well… reasons, I’m not really sure. I might re-try ArcheAge because I haven’t touched it in a long time.

Irrational fear: Bears. My older brother played a prank on me when I was younger involving bears and it’s become the only animal I’m actually scared of. I mean, I’ve swam with sharks and loved every minute of it, but my blood pressure still goes up walking by bear enclosures at the zoo.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I need to stop working and get out of this house, fam. But I’ll probably play some more City of Heroes and Guild Wars 2.

Many bugs, but especially roaches, centipedes, and anything that flies. I’m also super paranoid about choking, but that’s not an irrational fear!

Carlo Lacsina (@UltraMudkipEX): I’m going to play some Black Desert Online this weekend. I took about a month-long break, but now I’m back and learning about lifeskilling. I’m not really a crafter or gatherer type, but I gotta learn it one day.

I have a fear of accidently deleting my mains on my favorite MMO. It’s not so much a problem these days, since you have to retype the name and in some cases wait 24 hours to get it fully deleted. The same goes for hard-to-obtain gear I get. There’s always that troll part of my brain that goes, “I wonder what would happen if you just destroyed it?” But yeah. Irrational fear!

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): Now that alpha 3.7 is out, I’ll be taking a spin in Star Citizen to nibble on some rocks and really see if this whole FPS mining thing will get me closer to my beloved Caterpillar space truck… assuming the patcher works, anyway. Otherwise it’s another weekend of Behemoth slaying in Dauntless and alt class leveling in Final Fantasy XIV.

I think I might have a mild case of trypophobia; I’ve seen some images of things with holes in them that just absolutely skeev me out. It’s not a paralyzing sort of severe terror, but it definitely makes me halt and go “guh.”

Colin Henry (@ChaosConstant): I’ve been sick all week, so I’ll probably take it easy this weekend. Probably some Lord of the Rings Online, maybe some console gaming. I’m also planning to log into The Elder Scrolls Online for the free stuff and XP boost thing they’re doing this weekend.

I’m irrationally afraid of having a heart attack. I don’t have any particular risk factors, it just bothers me that this very important organ is a single point of failure for my entire body.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): It seems that Code Vein was finally what I needed to move into the space of actually enjoying a Souls-like game! Who knew that I needed anime vampires and a job system? Apparently, this studio. Aside from that I’ve been really liking The Sims 4 lately (might be time to get some expansions) and, of course, doing my thing in FFXIV. I was getting an urge to go back to Azeroth again, but whoops.

I’ve got a deep and abiding fear of sharp things. You might be thinking that sounds like a totally normal fear, and you’d technically be right (sharp things can hurt you), but this extends to me just sitting and trying to really think about sharp things breaking the skin. It also makes me horribly averse to needles of any kind, which makes donating blood real fun.

Justin Olivetti (@Sypster, blog): Now that I’m stepping away from World of Warcraft, it’s time to explore some other gaming options. I’m probably going to be poking my head into Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, and Guild Wars 2 over the weekend, but Lord of the Rings Online definitely will get most of my time as I march through Rise of Isengard’s zones.

Mia DeSanzo (@neschria): I will probably be in ArcheAge. And Skyrim. (I am trying to wrap up the main story and Dark Brotherhood quest lines in my current playthrough.) Otherwise, I will be playing the carpet shampooing game, which is less a game and more a chore.

I am irrationally afraid of horses. They are terrifying beasts.

Samon Kashani (@thesamkash): Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse is on the menu right now. ArcheAge Unchained is on my radar, so I’ll probably buy in soon so I can enjoy that action when it launches.

All my fears are totally rational. Why didn’t you call me back yet? It’s been nearly 30 minutes. You must have flipped your car over and you’re dead in a ditch. It’s the only thing that makes sense. Why is this tub of ice cream upside down in the aisle? Someone must have opened it and spit in it. Not this time Chad.
Tina Lauro Pollock (@purpletinabeans): I’ll be playing Guild Wars 2, happy that it’s the last weekend before my husband and I make some boozy butterbeer and crack the Mad King’s Clock Tower once again. It’s definitely the most wonderful time of the year in Tyria… I love seeing all the super-creative costumes and the event theme is always so well done.

My irrational fear is wasps. I hate the word. I hate how they move their horrific little bodies. I hate, more than anything, the sound they make. They are literally the most sinister thing I can imagine. Yikes! I was a sobbing wreck fairly recently because one got in my room at night and flew onto my phone screen, then ended up in my hair buzzing in my ear. In the dark, people. I have never been more terrified… Pennywise from IT would have had a field day!
Tyler Edwards: Possibly more Mass Effect: Andromeda. I was on a big StarCraft II kick earlier in the week. Was.

Bonus question: I’m on the spectrum, and I have anxiety disorders. It would be quicker to list all of the things I’m not irrationally afraid of.
Joseph, patron: I’m in a bit of a lull gaming-wise right now, as I eagerly await the release of ArcheAge: Unchained this week, so I’ve actually been bouncing around between games when not working on remix production. (Speaking of which, I just finished a fab new club remix for Hailee Steinfeld’s latest song “Afterlife” that can be found here.)

My nostalgia trip through WoW Classic got boring and tedious a helluva lot faster than I anticipated, so I’ve instead been firing up some Guild Wars 2 (still working through LS4 chapters) and Final Fantasy XIV (still working through the interim quests between Stormblood and Shadowbringers) to help pass the time. I also recently dabbled a bit in Warframe, and am really feeling the whole ninja robot fantasy, so I’m happily adding it to my revolving stable of MMOs and MMO-adjacents.

I also became a sudden parent this week to my partner’s two teenage kids, who just immigrated to the U.S. to be with their dad. I never thought I’d ever become a family man, so it’ll definitely take some getting used to… but once they’re situated and I can get back into gaming, I’m hoping to rope them along for some great MMO adventures!

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Last week’s trends pretty much followed through this past week. Slowing on Star Trek Online, I finally ground to a halt, having advanced 10 levels further than I ever had before in the game, but not seeing anything ahead to keep me going. My daily check-ins also stopped completely in EQ2 and ESO, having researched all my skills so far to Master level in the first, and not seeing anything in the daily rewards to really keep me going in the second (although I did get a mount out of last month’s free crate, which was nice). Hence, the weekend has all been my return to World of Warcraft.

I started out with WoW Classic, and absolutely loved my return to old Azeroth. For a bit. Eventually I hit a point where the solo play was becoming a bitter grind, and deaths not infrequent. It feels like the open world gameplay would be perfectly tuned for two players, and that’s how I played it back in the day, teamed up with a friend or two. They’re not there now though, and my playtime is too irregular to try to make new in-game friends, so while I will likely dip a toe in occasionally, it’s not the main draw now.

Yes, I’m back in retail. It’s something I’ve tried regularly, maybe twice a year, always bouncing off because it’s not the game I remember. Now that I have the game I remember, though, I don’t feel quite so much rage at what it’s become and can perhaps deal with it on its own terms. Helped along by the fact that I’m starting out in Elwynn Forest this time, which unlike the other starting areas doesn’t feel like it’s been chewed up and drooled out by Cataclysm, I’m enjoying the gameplay and already made it up to level 20 since yesterday. Going to take it easy though, since my staying power in all the old favorites these days doesn’t seem to last beyond a month.


I am extremely late to the party (it is Sunday evening here), but I thought I write down my gaming news nevertheless :)
I have started Ghost Recon Breakpoint with a couple of old guildmates and I am having a blast. I totally understand that the people says it is a downgraded version of Wildlands but I enjoy it. I love exploring the bases with a drone and then take out the enemy with sniper one by one. It is a good feeling.
Plus I finally decided to try out ESO again. I was playing at launch but I didn’t get past lv20. It was bland for me. But now I started the Elsweryr storyline and it is rather interesting. And the design is not that black-darkish blue at least, it was making me crazy in the base game.

My biggest problem that I don’t have enough time. There are so many games I want to play. Destiny 2, Borderlands 3, the new Plants vs Zombies shooter.

Oh and yes, I played Astellia for one hour. I think I am too old now for a generic korean mmo again… I almost fell asleep in that one hour. Fortunatelly I only payed 10 eur for one month.

The next week will be crazy for me so I suspect there won’t be too much gaming for me from tomorrow. :(


A bit of Warframe – the current Nightwave season ends today, last chance to claim your rank-up rewards and spend your Emissary Creds! The second season has been a huge improvment on the first in every way, I’m looking forward to seeing how they refine the formula for future seasons.

Taking part in the Night Revels for the first time in DDO.

After a week and a half, am already starting to lose interest in Destiny 2. Thoughts so far, from best to worst, under a spoiler tag just to avoid too much of a wall of text:

Thoughts on Destiny 2, rants about gear progression system (with an idea for a big and simple fix) and character agency and Strike matchmaking.
The environments are gorgeous, in terms of sheer aesthetics Dreaming City is one of my alltime favourite MMO zones.

Enemy design and variety and AI are good, the 3 free campaigns and the voice acting are good, the Adventures and Lost Sectors are good.

The setting seems like there’s a lot of cool stuff in it, and I’m a fan of slowly discovering more about unexplained cosmic mysteries, but way too much of it feels unexplained on the assumption that your character already knows all about it when the player doesn’t have a clue.

Gunplay is solid, but there’s a lack of creativity and variety in weapons. All the kinetic weapons and power weapons except fusion rifles are familiar from the early C21st, energy weapons are just kinetic weapons with slightly different cosmetic and system effects, one auto rifle feels much the same as another auto rifle. Maybe this is different with some of the exotic weapons, I’ve not seen enough of those to judge? Also, ammo for power weapons is painfully dependent on RNG drops.

The Light Level progression system encourages you to ignore everything about gear (stats, look, gunplay feel) except its Light level. Either you slow your progression by using weapons and gear you like (or by being a new player and not understanding how the system works), or you’re constantly replacing gear and mostly ignoring the upgrade systems relating to weapon tier and armour energy level. Furthermore, progression past the soft cap becomes a slow and tedious RNG-dependent crawl that will be completely pointless once the next DLC omes out and raises the soft cap. I feel like most of the problems with the system could easily have been avoided by just making upgrade materials a lot cheaper and more widely available, so you could pick a piece of gear whose look and feel and stats you like, invest in improving its weapon tier or energy level, and constantly upgrade its Light level with new drops.

I’m annoyed by how little agency my character has. It feels like I can’t go 30 seconds without an NPC or my ghost nagging me with instructions on exactly where to go and what to do next, with never any choices or decisions to make (except one adventure where I got to choose between hacking fuel supplies and blowing them up). My character never gets to say anything but my Ghost is constantly talking on my behalf, and in a few cutscenes actually cuts me off by talking over me just as it looks like my character is about to speak! It makes me hate my Ghost for being so controlling. I’m also annoyed by the way NPCs bark at me to go away every 30 seconds if I’m standing anywhere near them while looking at my menu screens.

The matchmaking for Strikes really annoys me, there’s no option I can find to play them solo and 5 times out of 6 I’ve joined a squad to find they’re already part of the way (or most of the way) through the Strike and I have no idea what’s going on and a lot of running to do to catch up to them. This also makes it difficult to complete Strike bounties when better geared vets who know the layout by heart run ahead killing everything before I get there.

Bonus: I fear revealing my psychological vulnerabilities in response to WRUP bonus questions.

Am now going to go listen to some Skrillex!

IronSalamander8 .

Lots of Battle for Neighborville. Only need the minitaur hat for corn and the bug outfit for Super Brainz and I’ll have the whole map done for the month! The video linked is another little one; showing off the 80s Action Hero zombie performing a couple of moves during the current Halloween event:

The only phone sound I have customized is my ringtone is the Classic Doctor Who theme, circa the majority of the Tom Baker era.


This week: Home with the folks buttering up my ball with a Butterball for the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend here…


…mmmm, yum! <3

As well as trying to educate readers on the occasion who are interested why what Blizz did with Mr. blitzchung was really bad optics. And ethically questionable. /sigh

….but I'll try to get WoW Retail when I can! Go me? o.O

Have a great week and weekends! <3


I’m still playing Destiny 2 but not as hardcore as I was. I put in enough time to get weeklies done and stuff.

But mostly I’m making a go of Red Dead Online, working on the Collector role. It’s been fun. Running around looking for stuff, broken up by the occasional random event, gang hideout, and whatnot. Basically just getting my Red Dead fix until the PC version releases.

And for my single-player game, I’ve been playing Bravely Default. I’ve tried off and on for years to really make progress with it. I’ve always really loved the game, but now it’s finally clicked and I’m going through it at a good clip. I have this theory that sometimes you don’t engage with a piece of media until you’re “supposed to”, regardless of when it actually came out. It happens most often with books for me. I’ll read a book and really love it, but put it down for some reason. Then when I finally get around to finishing it, I find it’s themes etc are more relevant to me now than they would’ve been when I first tried. Anyway, I’m finding that to be true with BD. Not so much with its themes, but more its mechanics and the legacy the game carries with it.

With that long bit of rambling over, I hope you all have a good weekend.

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Jack Pipsam

I unsubscribed from WoW, so there’s that.
Now what? I dunno’, that was kinda my MMO plan for months now.
My other go-to game is PlanetSide 2, but the current news of like nobody being left on the team is just a bummer.

For some strange, dumb and totally out of the blue without any prompt reason I thought “Oh hey, Age of Conan is a game.” so I’ve re-downloaded that on Steam to give that a go again, no clue how long I’ll last in it, been years, you’ll know next week if I’m still playing it. (Hope Tencent doesn’t ruin all that).

About it really, didn’t go to PAX AUS, I’m kinda over PAX, too crowded and w/e. I was working on the day of a panel where the literal head of the Australian Classification Board was on it, I would have loved to seen the questions asked in that to her lol.

Oh and the season final of that pony show everyone elsewhere on the internet still gets mad about I have in my avatar is on today, nine years of nonsense, heck of a ride.


What’s the story behind the left-most person in that picture you linked? I’m not familiar with that one.

Hope you have fun with AoC. I really loved that game despite .. various problems. I keep telling myself I should return to it and play for a bit before it’s too late.

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Jack Pipsam

That’s the original Red Shirt Guy, the man who asks the hard hitting questions.

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AGH it’s now ended!

Malcolm Swoboda
  • World of Warcraft Classic – Uninstalled all Blizz games and Battlenet client from both PCs.
  • Wizards Unite – Still Lv 26, but a new event started. I like a lot of it, but my drop rates for needed quest items are abysmal! I’ll see if I can have better luck when focusing on the game tomorrow, as there’s only a couple days of this event phase left.
  • Magia Record, Mobius Final Fantasy, Another Eden, Castlevania Grimoire of Souls– Logging :S
  • Magikarp Splash – Lv 75ish fish. I think I might finish this ‘final league’ this month! Then, I dunno.
  • Attack on Titan: Tactics – Advancing. Its weird, on one hand things are progressing, but on the other it feels like nothing is changing at all. Whatever, I just want to complete all avail story chapters!
  • Antihero – We had just a little gametime.
  • Tried more games on Origin Basic like Cosmic Star Heroine, SWBF2, Furi.

    Its a shame about Vampyr. I’m enjoying it quite a lot, however my PC doesn’t run it the best (weak CPU) and I can see the rough lower-budget design of the game already. I want to play it more, but part of me wants to wait until I upgrade.

Sum: dropped WoW, kept up a couple mobiles, explored Origin sub games while I can (especially Vampyr; lv 12ish and attempting full pacifist route).

In terms of MMOs, I might see if I can enjoy ESO again. Cutting ‘Trion’, Funcom, and Blizzard MMORPGs largely out of my consideration does have a bright side.

EDIT: after a bad time several years ago, I still have the now-rare anti-bedbug freakouts.


I’ve been playing PINE. It’s kind of like Breadth of the Wild. Open world with puzzles, crafting, and dungeons. The cool feature is that there are various factions all competing for resources and territory. Villages can be built up or destroyed just by the actions of NPCs, but you can also play a role. It’s a neat little simulation. Kind of like what EQ Next was aiming for I think. It’s by a tiny indie team, so it’s not as expansive as othet open world games, but it has a lot of charm.

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Did most of this weekend’s chores yesterday and today and other than a local pumpkin festival, I have some time to do some hiking, and some play games. Mostly Trove, to be frank, where I’ll hopefully level my Fae Trickster to 24, and wait for them to open the Halloween event. I’m looking forward to dipping my toes in DDO‘s Night Revels as well.

When my son turned 16 this year, I gave him unfettered access to my Steam account. He has since played through GTA 5, The Witcher 3, and, more recently, Skyrim. He asked me if I thought Oblivion was worth playing, so I fired it up, showed it to him, and, well, now I’m leveling a Breton in Oblivion. Who saw that coming? Yeah, me too. Have a great weekend all!

I have an irrational fear of posting my irrational fears online. Who knew?