AdventureQuest 3D opens up Yokai Isle in its latest update, preps Mogloween


The Lolosia Saga of AdventureQuest 3D continues with the game’s latest update, introducing players to the hidden ninja location of Yokai Isle and a whole bunch of new things to do.

The ultimate purpose of your visit to Yokai Isle is to find the second of three pieces of the Sea God’s Trident. As a roving pirate sort, you are likely not welcome to a ninja island as one would expect, so players will have to disguise themselves as a initiate ninja and earn the trust of the locals. This is the first of a two-part series of quests, with part two promising an underwater area and an epic boss fight. In addition to the second chapter of the Lolosia storyline, players can check out Jubei Anno’s weapon shop to craft a variety of ninja-style weapons and enjoy some new 3-D sound effects with the help of a new sound engine.

In addition to this new update, players are reminded that there are only a few days left to check out Camp Gonnagetcha and Horror Dungeon. Don’t think the Halloween-themed fun is going away, as next week will kick off Mogloween, bringing the event’s old maps for a week before the 2019 festivities kick off. If you want a look at just what the current spooky themed content has to offer, then be sure to check out MJ’s stream for more.

source: newsletter
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