SWTOR previews the new tricks Onslaught brings to Snipers and Gunslingers


It’s almost like Star Wars: The Old Republic just realized how close October 22nd is and how many sub-classes there are left to preview. Yet another class-focused look at what the upcoming Onslaught expansion is bringing has come online, this time focusing on the Sniper and Gunslinger.

Both classes will get a new ability that lets them mark an area and teleport back to that area if they’re at least within 60 meters of it, while each of the specializations will once more see Set Bonuses and Tactical items that enhance their given playstyle. Some of these bonuses include a Tactical that lets players apply all of their applied DoT damage at once when using a specific ability, or a slowly stacking damage buff when a Sniper stays Entrenched or a Gunslinger stays Hunkered Down.

Whether you’re the sort who like to drop behind cover and lay down fire or throw bombs in people’s faces, this update has all the details you’ll want.

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