ArcheAge Unchained’s test server goes dark in prep for launch


Certain quarters of the MMO community are positively jittering with barely repressed excitement over the imminent launch of ArcheAge’s buy-to-play, non-pay-to-win server this week.

With only a single day to go, there isn’t much time left to wait. However, there is definitely no time left to try the game out on the test server. Gamigo turned off the PTS yesterday in anticipation for tomorrow’s launch. Players can, however, use this final pre-launch day to purchase a founder’s pack and whip up a character to go on Day One.

“The reason for this [shutdown] is because PTS will be converted to an internal environment for final testing using the data we’ve gathered over the past weeks,” Gamigo said. “This is to ensure we don’t encounter issues like labor regeneration stalling, loyalty tokens and day one crates being granted, and other similar issues that were a result of using the shared Legacy/PTS environment.”

What are your plans for ArcheAge Unchained this week? Will this be a return to the game for you or a first-time experience?

Source: Twitter
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Dean Greenhoe

Will be there at launch. Will not be racing to level 50. Just planning on pushing hard to get ready for the following Saturdays land rush. After I get my land, I can start relaxed play as the fun begins.


Prime servers:

For US: Wynn
For EU: Alexander

Go big – or go home.


Played the PTS and am excited for launch. Really won’t play until this weekend and let the queues die down – but this is gonna be a fun one.