Black Desert PC sets sail for the Great Expedition update on October 23


Arguably, the landmass of Black Desert on PC has seen way more updates and attention than the oceans have. On Wednesday, October 23rd, that’s about to change with the arrival of the Great Expedition, a large-scale content update to hopes to make seafaring gameplay just as interesting as land-based gameplay.

The first part of this new update is the addition of wind direction and ocean currents, which should make sailing a ship a more skill-based endeavor. These features will make less of an impact while near a shoreline but will become more pronounced as players sail to deeper water. Luckily, new UI elements will be added to help players gauge which direction the winds and currents are flowing to plan their sailing route.

Naturally, there will be some new ships to create with the update. Specifically, the Epheria sailboat and frigate can be upgraded to a new class of ship, and a new Carrack ship will become available. Players can also hire sailors to crew their ships and increase its efficiency but will have to balance the number of sailors a ship can crew with the amount of cargo space a ship can have available.

The Great Expedition will introduce bartering to the game, letting players pick up goods from one location and haul it to another to sell for a tidy sum. Time will be of the essence, however, as the price of bartered goods will change every four hours. Performing this task will net players Sea Coins, which can be used to get unique items.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a seaborne update without some sort of sea monster, so players will want to be careful of Khan. Should they encounter this new beast, coordination and cannon fire will be crucial, as will some level of self-restraint to not make the obvious joke.

The Great Expedition will arrive globally on October 23rd, with more ocean-based updates due in the near future. For now, players can get a briefing about the update from this developer update.

source: press release
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And after this Ocean expansion, we will be getting the new continent of Haso (Port Ratt).

Mjollnir Peterson

Since the ocean content first debuted I couldn’t wait to build the sailboat. I have sailed the ocean in search of rare fish and treasures under the water. Also, being a hunter I enjoy finding new wild animal islands. It’s is extrodinary content. Now to hear of this update I’m pretty excited. I was wondering if the Port Ratt area is going to be developed further. It already is a great place for underwater gathering and it would be great if there were more storyline quests out there besides just the Otter ones.


The thing I am most excited about is having new projects to work on. I’ve made both the Sailboat and Frigate as well as the Peridot Wagon. I don’t really use these things, I just like big projects and making things.

The Bartering system pretty much screams Trade Mastery (which isn’t in the game or developed yet) but I’m still skeptical at it. We’ll see what they do with it and if it’s worth the time/effort.


As a Master 2 Trader I’m kind of ticked the bartering isn’t just trading, because it is Trading in all but name. I really like that they’re making fresh new changes to seafaring, but I just finished Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey a few weeks ago and if the sailing doesn’t feel as good or better than that after the update, I have zero interest. The crews in the AC games sing shanties and the movement in the boats feels great.

BDO sailing is an absolute slog manually. I get they want the world to feel large, but that shouldn’t come at the expense of the mechanic itself being enjoyable.