RuneScape opens up dino egg collecting, fixes seagull sounds, and touches on Hardcore Ironman races


Yep, it’s another RuneScape news bundle. Hope you like bulleted lists, friends.

  • Players who are eager to get themselves some baby dinos can now start collecting eggs ahead of the Ranch out of Time update in November. Taking part in activities like Big Game Hunter, Slayer, and Jadinko Hunting will offer a chance to find some sweet eggs to hoard, though players won’t be able to actually hatch these eggs just yet.
  • Apparently, the seagulls of Gielinor weren’t right. The latest patch to the game brought a number of updates including corrected seagull noises, a change to an anagram for the Brother Tranquillity master clue scroll, and a fix to a daily pickpocket challenge among other updates. Now seagulls won’t sound like moose or whatever.
  • The race for slaying the Queen Black Dragon in Hardcore Ironman Mode in the fastest time possible is ongoing, with several content creators joining in the fun. Apparently, this form of the boss fight will feature some insidious new adjustments like the inability to use the Antifire Shield. It’s all for bragging rights as well as a custom piece of art.
  • Speaking of Ironman, the mode is celebrating its fifth anniversary and giving players who have been involved in the mode for those many years or more a variety of rewards like a new title, a special trimmed version of the Ironman armor, and a broadcast when an account hits the five-year mark.

For more on what’s coming to RuneScape, including updates to Land out of Time, archaeology, and more, make sure you check out MJ’s report from this year’s RuneFest.