Skyforge announces its move to the My.Games store


This past August, we reported on the global launch of the My.Games store, a digital storefront that first started life in Russia as that seeks to break into the broader market. As part of this launch, titles like Skyforge will be arriving on the platform as well.

An announcement post states that the devs are looking to make the transition as smooth as possible, allowing players with a account to simply login to My.Games with the same credentials. This means that all achievements and progress made on accounts should carry over.

The My.Games Store will be launching in several stages in the near future, which will also include several other games landing on the platform. For now you can see what’s available at the moment.


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It’s hilarious how EGS, Uplay, My.Games owners/managers have no idea Steam is popular not because it’s a mere storefront but a social network with integrated games – simply because they never play games (let alone intensively use Steam). It’s not obvious how powerful Steam networking functionality is till you get 20+ “friends” and then their screenshots, recommendations, “likes”, achievements, wishlists start to pop everywhere on the interface.

And I’m yet to find – where does Uplay store my Assassin’s Creed Odyssey screenshots? Not to mention how EGS still doesn’t have wishlists, a year after start.

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I got tired of all that shit. Epic gives a good free game every week. I log on to steam about once every three months now – do nothing – then shut it down.


Yup, I have like 20 good games on EGS – which I don’t play because I have purchased and play AAA games elsewhere. EGS owners forgot the part where free games does not bring money or auditory, otherwise owners of pirate sites would be really rich.