Bless Unleashed announces combat changes arriving to the first open beta

I'm sure this is fine.

The upcoming open beta for Bless Unleashed has a fair bit riding on it, since this really-not-the-original-game-we-promise title doesn’t exactly have an unblemished legacy from previous holders of the name. Neowiz and Bandai Namco seem keenly aware of this, which is why major changes are coming to the game’s combat with the open beta test in wake of feedback from the last closed beta. Movement speed and attack speeds have been increased across the board, with a general rebalancing of the interplay between faster attacks and the damage they do.

The open beta will also feature more comprehensible indicators for gaining or spending resources on abilities, fewer chances for enemies to interrupt player combos, and an optional new control scheme that moves the main attacks to the trigger buttons instead of the face buttons. The changes are quite extensive, and if you’re planning to hop in on the game’s open testing, you would be well-advised to check them over completely. Will it be enough to push the game over? We’ll find out soon enough (specifically, in November).


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