Buy-to-play ArcheAge Unchained is officially live today with the Shadows Revealed update

And yes, the EU servers are already slammed with queues


Back in August, Gamigo stunned the MMORPG genre by announcing a do-over for 2014 Korean MMORPG ArcheAge called ArcheAge Unchained: It’s a buy-to-play, sub-free server group for the game that is updated in tandem with the legacy game, but it’s been stripped of pretty much everything that made people cry “pay-to-win” at it over the last five years. And today, after a two-week delay, the whole shebang is going live – alongside the Shadows Revealed patch, which boosts graphics and adds a new class for both versions of the game.

Server up is still expected at 1 p.m. EDT this afternoon for the US cluster; the EU servers were slammed with queues when they came up just a short while ago. “To clarify, Wynn and all servers will be open at launch tomorrow, but we’re managing faction balance and world population in real time,” the studio said. “If we see a balance risk or ridiculous queue times, we step in and restrict character creation. It’s likely that popular servers are locked down”

Preorder packs have been replaced with launch packs; the cheapie seats are $25.99.

Last night, Gamigo announced that it’ll allow (but not support) the FOV and Korean Text mods widely used across the ArcheAge community, as long as they don’t “collide with the security provided by Easy Anti-Cheat.”

We’ll be updating this post as the day rolls on, and yes, we’re still aiming to stream the launch later today!

Catch up on all our Unchained news and interviews right here:

Regarding Steam and labor regen:

Gamigo’s running another stream! Khrolan just announced that a fourth server will be added for the NA cluster.

During the stream this afternoon, XLGAMES’ Jake Song appeared with a prerecorded message for players, welcoming them to ArcheAge Unchained. He also vowed the same level of support for Legacy players as for Unchained players.

Login woes continue. We’ve postponed our own stream until tonight in the hopes the servers will be more stable.


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I’m not going to lie. ArcheAge is probably my favorite MMORPG. I remember spending hours back around 2008-2010 researching every little detail I could find on it and was absolutely enthralled. I remember the concern about finding a western publisher or if it would be localized.

When it was announced it was coming west, I was one of the idiots who went out and spent 150.00 bucks on it. I didn’t recognize Trion World’s greed at the time and I wanted to support XLGames.

The Alpha and Beta only fueled the hype for ArcheAge. Everybody was having a blast. There were concerns such as land exploits and honor exploits, etc that we were hoping to get fixed. But then we were warned that 1.2 was coming down the pipeline and the community was up in arms begging Trion to not implement it.

Days before launch, Trion gave the community a giant symbolic middle finger with the implementation of 1.2 and their egregious microtransaction system.

A lot of us held on for a while, thinking “as long as it doesn’t get any worse, I can live with this” but it quickly became clear that Trion was using the game as a platform to solely push microtransactions and things got worse and worse.

For me, my cut off was the selling of Thunderstruck Logs and the 2nd or 3rd nerf to Archeum drops which were vital in crafting gear, while putting more emphasis on buying them in the Item Shop.

To me, this incredible game feel like it was being taken hostage.

When I found out about ArcheAge Unchained, my feelings were mixed, and they still are. At first, for a moment… I was incredibly excited, ecstatic even. But that feeling quickly gave way to bitter resentment.

The audacity to re-release a game that Trion Worlds screwed over with the promise of ‘now with no Pay to Win! But give us more money.’ To want us loyal fans of ArcheAge to shell out more cash for a fix to a problem they introduced and implemented.

That they’re not willing to provide those who paid for the founders packs (especially the more lucrative ones) back in the beginning even the cheapest version of the game seems like a show of Ill-Will and reveals their intent.

I just can’t shake this feeling that this is just one last hurrah to try and extort money from players who miss the game after their other ‘fresh start’ attempts have failed.

But on the other hand, I keep asking myself if 26.00 is worth throwing at the game if they can stay true to their promise of no pay to win. It’s a whole lot cheaper than what I’d probably have spent on Microtransactions to remain competitive in the original game if I didn’t quit when I did.

As well, I recently learned that Trion World was bought out by Gamigo and gutted. Seeing Trion’s name still tied to the game makes me uneasy of their intentions. But maybe I should give Gamigo a chance. Maybe in different hands this game could flourish.


#patientgamer this time. It IS a great experience but one I don’t trust XLGames to exploit people for again.

Oleg Chebeneev

Was the same as with TERA for me. Played it during beta/launch, had lots of fun. Tried again now, felt utter boredom and uninstalled within minutes.


ArcheAge Unchained, the WoW Classic killer…

“You can do this without trolling, Uta!”

…sowwy! :(

Although, in light of everything else going on…I do hope this turns out to be a good news project of theirs. We certainly need it! So good luck with this. :)

Mykal Quinn

Was thinking about trying Archeage out again with Unchained, but then I read that labor is still a thing. So much for removing pay2win.

Patreon Donor
Loyal Patron

can you please explain why you think that labor is p2w in AA:U?

Toy Clown

I used a VPN and it fixed the log-in issues. I had a good run this morning before most people got in and played through the afternoon. I logged off and put myself back into the queue and should be up after my nap. `

Kickstarter Donor

As a pure PvEer these days, I’m hoping that this represents an opportunity to have a decent look at ArcheAge by playing for free at least initially on the original servers while most of the regular PKers have switched to the new ones.

I’m only at level 10 thus far, and it doesn’t look overly inspiring against something like Elder Scrolls Online or Final Fantasy XIV (or even LoTRO or WoW Classic), but I’ll give it a fair crack.

If I do end up being hooked then I can take a decision at that time as to whether to stay put or start over on what may or may not turn out to be a different experience free, or not so free, of P2W.

Castagere Shaikura

When you hit LVL 30 you are sent to quest in PVP zones. Don’t waste your time with this game if you’re a PvE player.

tenton hammer

I never played this the first time around but I might check out this by to play version of the game in a month or so when the initial rush has faded .

Kickstarter Donor

I’ll wait till some sales to give it a spin (and to see how folks like the changes). Would be nice to kinda dive back in a bit and tinker around every once in a while.


Oh…I have to actually purchase Archeage again to play this version? I spent $150 like an idiot before with Trion and look how that went. I cannot justify spending money purchasing Archeage again even if it stays true to being 100% not p2w.

I’ll check this time next year and see how things panned out and maybe reconsider.


Their discord chat is good fun for a while. Almost as fun as the game that no one can play due to launch day server issues.