Buy-to-play ArcheAge Unchained is officially live today with the Shadows Revealed update

And yes, the EU servers are already slammed with queues


Back in August, Gamigo stunned the MMORPG genre by announcing a do-over for 2014 Korean MMORPG ArcheAge called ArcheAge Unchained: It’s a buy-to-play, sub-free server group for the game that is updated in tandem with the legacy game, but it’s been stripped of pretty much everything that made people cry “pay-to-win” at it over the last five years. And today, after a two-week delay, the whole shebang is going live – alongside the Shadows Revealed patch, which boosts graphics and adds a new class for both versions of the game.

Server up is still expected at 1 p.m. EDT this afternoon for the US cluster; the EU servers were slammed with queues when they came up just a short while ago. “To clarify, Wynn and all servers will be open at launch tomorrow, but we’re managing faction balance and world population in real time,” the studio said. “If we see a balance risk or ridiculous queue times, we step in and restrict character creation. It’s likely that popular servers are locked down”

Preorder packs have been replaced with launch packs; the cheapie seats are $25.99.

Last night, Gamigo announced that it’ll allow (but not support) the FOV and Korean Text mods widely used across the ArcheAge community, as long as they don’t “collide with the security provided by Easy Anti-Cheat.”

We’ll be updating this post as the day rolls on, and yes, we’re still aiming to stream the launch later today!

Catch up on all our Unchained news and interviews right here:

Regarding Steam and labor regen:

Gamigo’s running another stream! Khrolan just announced that a fourth server will be added for the NA cluster.

During the stream this afternoon, XLGAMES’ Jake Song appeared with a prerecorded message for players, welcoming them to ArcheAge Unchained. He also vowed the same level of support for Legacy players as for Unchained players.

Login woes continue. We’ve postponed our own stream until tonight in the hopes the servers will be more stable.

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