Elder Scrolls Online previews Dragonhold’s drama and destinations


Elder Scrolls Online’s Dragonhold DLC is less than a week away now on PC, and for those who are curious – maybe even curious enough to have dipped into the freebie prologue questline – ZeniMax has dropped a new dev blog about the region you’ll be exploring deep in Southern Elsweyr, which the studio says is as big as Murkmire and Clockwork City.

According to the lore, Pellitine is “still trying to recover from the devastation of the Knahaten Flu along with wildfires from twenty years ago,” and beset by pirates and slavers and yes dragons (storm and frost dragons!) beyond the walls of the Khajiit city Senchal. That’s all been infused into the design of the zone.

“The fun part was leaning into the tragic results of the Knahaten flu and the scorch that followed,” Art Director CJ Grebb writes. “We got to take all of that beautiful Khajiiti architecture and get it dirty, break it down, and play with the idea of a people still recovering from the traumatic events of the past. We wanted players to feel the sense of a place that had been through a period of decline and yet was clawing its way back (pun 100% intended).”

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Don Nascimento

God, I am so tired of dragons. Dragons, dragons, dragons…
Whenever an RPG or MMORPG is out of ideas, its time for dragons..

And this is coming from a giant monster freak! Classic Godzilla fan, Jurassic Park, you name it..

I want to see an MMO or MMORPG come up with gigantic monsters that aren’t dragons. Not really Monster Hunter either. I mean, GIANT, like Black & White. Miss that game.


Nice. ESO is back on my to-do list.

I think I’ll start from scratch though since I’ve missed so much.

Any advice from anyone? I’m thinking I’m going to jump back in and make it my main MMO for a while. It turns out, I know the game. Heh.